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  1. That was quick! http://i5.photobucket.com/albums/y173/Hoorj/MRPSRS.jpg ~original I've added some spaces and taken the backslashes out, but essentially it's the exact same link I always copy from PB, I've never had an issue before, and I'm not seeing a php anywhere... Anything else stand out as wrong? I'm utterly clueless when it comes to these sorts of things, so please forgive my ignorance
  2. Sounds vaguely related, but I'm trying to post an image in the AR15 thread; When I cut and copy the usual PB link, I get a 'You are not permitted to use that extension on this board' message... I can paste a direct link, etc, but I can't seem to embed images?
  3. I haven't been here in aaaaaaaaaages... Anyhow, my MRP has got some new fun bits. Namely, an ACM SRS (which is terrifyingly good for the money so far), an Element M300, and OD magpuls to replace the black ones. *edit* Except I can't embed the photo here all of a sudden... To the site errors board!
  4. It's posts like this one that restore my faith in Airsofters. It is nice to know I am not alone. Also, Cool Breeze, that stock really quite suits that AK, I say go for it.
  5. Heh, course not man - Go nuts! Give it a few months for me to get myself employed again and I'll be after another F93!
  6. Thanks man - All it needs now is some nicer BUIS, and it's got a chrome BCG on the way for Christmas
  7. Got myself an AFG2 for my MRP.. Works fantastically well in conjunction with the Gaspedal. Also moved some rail covers and whatnot.
  8. With fire. Seriously though, fire is the best way - Make sure you remove any foam and fragile bits, but it's very difficult to get a similar effect with paint.
  9. If it helps any, I found the WE speedloader really good for loading GHK mags - The tube type with the push down insert that loads about 15 rounds. If you can find one of those, they make loading GHK GBBR mags a fair amount easier!
  10. It's pretty damn similar, it's Dytacs own version called the 'Invader' rail system. Quite swish looking, but the Rainier doesn't have the 'ribs' running along it.
  11. That about sums up my feelings over this particular build.
  12. RA-T's WA System NPAS; Thoughts folks? Despite modding a bolt, it's still too hot with Co2 but perfect for GG..

    1. bladerunner168


      I had one, I think I sold it to KingDong, it was meant to be for another WA project but the dang thing didn't actually fit.

    2. kingdong


      Yes you did bladerunner, it was a complete bolt rich, worked fine.

  13. Assuming there's no hop, what about mixing BB weights? .12, .2, .12, .25, .2, .12? Not sure if it'd necessarily give much more of a spread but it might be worth a try?
  14. Unfortunately rubbish pictures, but due to Kingdong returning from Cornwall soon, he had his Bomber/Prime M4 RAS shipped to my house... I have to say, having two Prime GBBR's in my house is a pretty good feeling.
  15. I found somewhere that had GHK Co2 Mags for the WAM4. I put one in a fridge for two hours, and it was cold enough for my breath to immediately condense on the surface, probably around 2-3 centigrade. And then it shot like a Green gas mag on a very warm day. Plus, they fit my MRP perfectly, they look awesome, they're very well built and I NEVER HAVE TO USE AN AEG AGAIN. I am so far over the moon with them that Curiosity has attempted to take a rock sample from my face.
  16. Marpy got a T-1, and some GHK Co2 STANAGS. ...I'm calling the MRP Marpy now.
  17. GHK Co2 WAM4 mags... I love you so, so, so, so much. I love everything you do, I love everything about you. You amaze me.

    1. emp3ror86


      Oh, my pal showed me links from their facebook site where they showed M4 stuff, barrels, magazines and such.

    2. hwagan


      Ooooh, news to me... Got a link at all?

    3. hitmanNo2


      It looks like they do indeed have an AR in the works. If it's as good as the PDW and G5 we could be in for a treat https://www.facebook.com/pages/GHK-airsoft/294289027379552

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  18. See I think this may be the first time I've been able to say 'Cool story, Bro' on the internet without the slightest trace of sarcasm; I know our own armed forces have recently adopted the Glock as the standard sidearm, after years of our Armed police carrying them. I've unfortunately not got to use a real Glock, but I honestly don't believe they'd have earned the reputation they currently have without being seriously decent firearms. Still, that's not the first story along those lines I've read about Glocks, and I'm sure it won't be the last - I very much admire Glock for the countless lives
  19. My favourite Handgun is a 1911 or an M9, but the most practical, reliable, and easy to shoot/operate/use pistol I know of (I'm talking Airsoft but I imagine the R/S fits most of those categories) is a Glock. Glocks are boring, you can't do a lot of fancy shiney external pimp mods to them, they look fairly dull and every single control surface is exactly where it should be, it's fully adaptable to anything you need it to be, and it just works. I love Glocks as much as I hate them.
  20. Re-configured the MRP a little; The LMT sights give a perfect co-witness with the dot, which is nice.
  21. It really is fairly easy, just takes a while! Failing that, I'm unemployed, so buy a Glock, wing it my way along with £20 and I'll do it for you!
  22. Heh, truth be told you'd be better off buying a new one man - £75 shipped from ShooterCBgear via the cheaper postage option, no customs and got here in a week If I sold it it'd only be worth £70-80 at best, and that's not even half a 1911 these days!
  23. Standard AR wrench will do the job - The 3 pins will go into the holes on the barrel nut, similar to how the wrench interfaces with a normal sprocket type barrel nut.
  24. This is the second one I've done personally - I'm really pleased with how it turned out, but it definitely took a while. Saying that, with the trigger guard undercut I find my previous tendency to point Glocks downwards a little has disappeared, which was the aim. There's also no chance of it slipping out of my hand, it'd take a fair bit of skin with it if it did!
  25. HK3 G17 Gen3 - I spent 3 hours stippling the frame, shrinking the finger grooves and undercutting the trigger guard in the hopes that it'll prevent me from selling it, buying a 1911, then realising Glocks are far more practical and fit my hand better all over again.
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