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  1. My favourite Handgun is a 1911 or an M9, but the most practical, reliable, and easy to shoot/operate/use pistol I know of (I'm talking Airsoft but I imagine the R/S fits most of those categories) is a Glock. 


    Glocks are boring, you can't do a lot of fancy shiney external pimp mods to them, they look fairly dull and every single control surface is exactly where it should be, it's fully adaptable to anything you need it to be, and it just works. 


    I love Glocks as much as I hate them.

  2. Well if you do decide to sell it and buy another 1911 give me a shout.  :D


    Heh, truth be told you'd be better off buying a new one man - £75 shipped from ShooterCBgear via the cheaper postage option, no customs and got here in a week :) If I sold it it'd only be worth £70-80 at best, and that's not even half a 1911 these days! 

  3. This is the second one I've done personally - I'm really pleased with how it turned out, but it definitely took a while. Saying that, with the trigger guard undercut I find my previous tendency to point Glocks downwards a little has disappeared, which was the aim. There's also no chance of it slipping out of my hand, it'd take a fair bit of skin with it if it did!

  4. HK3 G17 Gen3 - I spent 3 hours stippling the frame, shrinking the finger grooves and undercutting the trigger guard in the hopes that it'll prevent me from selling it, buying a 1911, then realising Glocks are far more practical and fit my hand better all over again. 





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  5. Exact same problem with the prime chamber I had. That and the fact that recoil un-adjusted it no matter what I did.


    In the end I just went for a stock g&P hop chamber and bucking, which works well.



    See it could well have been the recoil loosening the adjustment on mine, as occasionally I'd get laser accurate shots, sometimes no hop, sometimes overhop. I found it very inconsistent, but I thought that may have been down to the bucking in it... Either way, it's binned now! I'm using the stock G&P chamber as well, but due to the design of the MRP barrel I can't adjust it at all - I've got it flying .3's quite well at the moment, but it's annoying not being able to fine tune it.



    Excuse me, I'm going to run to the bathroom for a minute. This and kagami's Chinadoll builds are the only rifles 'modern'-looking enough for me to suit the 93-style stocks. The OD furniture is just... Yeah I'm going back to the bathroom.



    Nah. The 'Ergo' stock is originally a MagPul design (as the M93B) and suits the MagPul grip.



    Heh, I feel honoured! :P It's literally my pride and joy, so nice to know other people appreciate it :)


    I see...did they use some sort of adhesive to keep the halves together? I was using the PRIME AEG barrel hop chamber and was easy to disassemble, but I found it a bit difficult to adjust. A slight turn causes a big difference in hop. I was using a Prometheus green hop and Firefly nub (the "flat hop" one), .25g shooting at 1J. I'm not certain if its because of the rubber combination that's making things difficult for me...or it just needs more power?


    It came loose from recoil? That sounds odd...i have opposite problem where its a bit tough to turn. We are talking about the one were you turn the set screw to adjust?


    Yes, the 1004G is the newest one. I found the design is nearly identical to PRIME (with the exception of the adjustment wheel) so it's odd that it doesn't work.



    Not that I could tell; I'd read a few similar stories on GGI that Prime hop units were machine with exacting tolerances, so my guess is on my particular unit the parts were so well fitted they just sort of press-fitted themselves together. I'm entirely willing to accept that it was a lemon, but it definitely wasn't coming apart. 


    As for the IA unit, I tried two different barrels (Stock G&P and a stock G&G), and a few different buckings - I just couldn't find a combination that sealed well. I'm not at all sure why, I tried PTFE tape everywhere I could think of, all sorts of things and just couldn't get it going right. Could well be the MRP barrel and extension causing issues, but I tested the same setups in a standard WOC and had no luck either! Very strange, and disappointing as it seemed like a really well made piece of kit.


    Either way, the plan now is to try the Prime AEG unit, and if that doesn't go as planned, I'll try every system I can find until I get something I'm happy with - The stock G&P is doing well for now, but the inability to adjust it is going to get old rather quickly..

  6. Do you know what Prime hop chamber you were having problems with? Did it have sealing problems like the IA one? Also, was the IA one a version 2? Thanks.



    The one I had issues with was the Prime WA barrel rear adjust chamber - The stock rubber was a bit too hard for the FPS I'm running, so I went to change it - Unfortunately, the front and rear halves of the unit were fitted so tightly together they couldn't be separated, at least without a specialist tool. Trying to pry the two halves of the unit apart damaged it beyond repair unfortunately.


    The Iron Airsoft one was indeed the latest type - 1004G I believe is the product code. Despite numerous different buckings, I couldn't get it to seal at all - The BB's were dropping feet in front of the muzzle, which was somewhat irritating to say the least!


    Saying that, the Prime WA barrel type unit fitted and sealed nicely, so the next step is to save up a little and try the Prime AEG compatible unit, unless anyone has any better ideas...

  7. I adore that  :wub:

    My inner OCD self is saying that the world will implode if you don't match an Ergo pistol grip with that.

    Also, the SPARC isn't as great as the STRIKEFIRE and cheaper to boot.


    See I've got an R/S Ergo grip in black, but it's just not OD! That, and the storage compartment in the MOE grip is quite handy - I keep an inert .223 and a bag of sour skittles in it for emergencies. Still, definitely the nicest Airsoft gun I've ever owned, totally worth the money! Although the Prime hop unit it came with was a nightmare, the Iron Airsoft one I bought wouldn't seal at all, and it's now running a bog standard G&P one I've fixed for .3's... Oh well.



    I'm not a fan of that stock...but that build looks awesome.


    Thanks man - I was considering a UBR, but a PTS UBR is about £150 if I can even find one in OD, and the F93 stock was £137, including shipping to Josh, from Josh to me, and a small fee for the favour.. Plus, I can't remember seeing an F93 stock in a game so I figured it'd be a bit original, and I've really fallen in love with it since installing it!

  8. It is a discontinued kit/complete aeg (the bits I've got are from a kit) that G&P used to make, really nice quality but you need the strength of 1000 men to remove the magazine the first few times. Magazines are a bit of an issue so I'm looking at converting some marui hicaps at the moment. Otherwise really nice bit of kit, it even has the 9mm deflector and shortened dust cover!



    G&P have re-done the SMG; You can buy them brand new from a fair few retailers now! 





    Admittedly that's the magpul jobbie, but it's got the proper lower receiver and ejection port/shell deflector, and I'm sure you can buy the standard carry handle one from a few places.

  9. I think I may have the only one of these on Arnies at the moment.


    G&P based Colt lower, Barrett Rec7 upper. Would have gone full Barrett, but I like the G&P base gun way too much. I've gotten tired of military impressions and decided to emulate some of my favorite fictional characters instead. 



    Admiral Sandecker would be proud man. Damn nice build.

  10. My MRP, probably due to the stock G&P bucking in it, hasn't been hugely consistent of late.


    So I thought I know; It's got a Prime Hop unit in it. That takes AEG buckings and barrels, right? I'll just disassemble it and put in some AEG parts I have and give those a try.


    Whoever the hell put that hop unit together, I hope someone smashes a bottle on them in a bar fight. Seriously, the two main halves were physically impossible to separate, to the point that after opening up a tiny little gap with a razor, the flathead screwdriver I managed to insert and carefully rock back and fourth all the way around the gap between the 2 halves did nothing but chew up aluminium.


    I raged out and smashed it up with a hammer, and I only feel marginally better. And I can't afford an Iron Airsoft replacement for a month. 


    So the £160 WOC I bought as a project is now my primary, and my $900 uber-gun is out of action for weeks.


    *fruitcage* you, Prime. *fruitcage* you.

  11. For those of you with the G&P KAC Suppressors; are yours loose?  I mean when I attach my onto the supplies KAC flash hider, there's a bit of wobble and it doesn't feel as secure as the Magpul PTS AAC silencer. 


    How do you go about remedying this?


    Pick up a few thin cross section O-rings the same outer diameter as the flash-hider - Pop one into the can, just behind the anti-rotation post - It'll be a little more difficult to attach the silencer due to the fact you're compressing an O-ring, but it should make it nice and solid.


    Saying that, mine has been on a Birdcage flash-hider for a while, and it obviously rotates and it's not rock solid, but with the foam gone the BB doesn't clip the edges at all.

  12. New paint. Surefire suppressor is coming sometime soon. Then Hwagan and I can be suppressor buddies.







    Where'd you manage to find a Surefire one? One of the ACM jobbies or a Madbull? I was tempted by one of the replicas but I've proper fallen in love with this here AAC one..


    very nice :)


    Thanks man! Although in future, remember to delete the pics when you quote a post just to save 'em showing twice on the same page! :)

  13. I have no choice in the mags, its the only mag that I know of that works in a WA based gun that isn't complete poo and doesn't cost an arm and a leg. As for the torch, I have no idea, it's just a China clone I bought off a friend. The gun is a just a cheap fixer upper I got off a buddy, it's basically an AGM with some upgrades. Works well enough and shoots like a boss. 



    Thank you kindly. Next project is a MK 18 Mod 1 upper receiver. 


    Not sure if it'd work out economically for you, but G&P Pmags have always been fantastic for me - Very simple design, PTS licensed Pmag replicas and they're £45 from AirsoftZone, although the international shipping might kill the price... Saying that, trying the GHK G5 mags in my WA's, they definitely punch a little harder than the G&P mags.

  14. From what I've heard about how unfailingly reliable and advanced the LM4 is, and from my experience with high-end WAs, I think you might be making a mistake. The Inokatsu-length WAs are hands-down the most realistic airsoft guns out there, but they're finicky to tune and if you don't tune them properly, they don't work well at all. From what I've heard the much less realistic LM4 is a much more forgiving skirmish gun.



    To be honest, I think as with all gas guns, a lot of it is user experience.


    For example, this is my 5th G&P WA System gun - All of them have worked absolutely fine, no issues at all. I've had to tweak the hop on a couple, but honestly other than that I've never had the slightest hint of a problem. Mine have always worked well, I'm yet to wear a Bolt carrier into an unuseable condition, nothing breaks, etc etc. I'd say when it comes to the WA system, you need to simply get the right combination of parts. In my experience that combination is everything G&P, except for the RA-Tech red hop rubber, which I've found to be grippy enough to sling .3's. People often seem to think an aluminium nozzle, or an NPAS, or other such doo-dads are a necessity when they're simply not. Low power valves are available for the G&P nozzle - My MRP came with one factory fitted, and it touches 335 on a very hot day, and 310 on an average day on a 10.5 barrel - Perfect candidate for a tightbore. 

    Magazines are the WA System's biggest flaw - Again though, I've owned a total of 12 G&P Pmags - My original set of 7 are in the hands of a good friend and have never sprung a leak that couldn't be easily fixed with a rebuild and a clean/lube, and my current 5 are flawless as well. 


    I've also had a lot more success utilising the WA System in cold weather - Keeping mags under the vest, I can operate a G&P WOC with a standard G&P BCG in around 5c, as long as I rotate the mags when they've been out in the air for 10 minutes.


    My experience of the KWA however hasn't been as good - For a start, the externals, while functional and built well, don't begin to compare in structural strength of the upper, finish, looks or available options as well as a few aspects of R/S Compatibility. My KWA LM4 also suffered an issue in anything less than around 12c, where the trigger pull would lead to a hiss, and the firing cycle being delayed by anywhere from 1-5 seconds. 


    What I'll say is this - The KWA is a fantastic system, but it DOES have it's niggles. My particular gun *may* have been a little bit of a lemon, but there are a few cons to the KWA system, as with any other. The WA system is a *badgeress* when it comes to magazines - And when you start fiddling parts around, you'll begin to see compatibility and tolerance issues coming up. 


    The best thing you can do with a GBBR, whether G&P, KWA, WE or any other brand, is to keep it as close to stock as possible - Make sure you can source manufacturer produced spares for your chosen gun, make sure you know what magazines are good and how to maintain them, and keep anything metal out of the nozzle system if you can avoid it, especially in the WA System.


    I've had nothing but pleasant experiences with G&P WOC's, and I'm probably G&P's most loyal fan as a result; At the same time, I know that experience hasn't held true for everyone else.


    There's no such thing as a perfect GBBR system - It's all dependent on what you want out of the gun, how much work you're willing to put in, your knowledge of the system's foibles, patience, and critically, the availability of reliable mags and STOCK spare parts.


    Hell, CK's WOC-X, the one with the Omega rail, functions beautifully - Crisp cycle, flings a .3 absolutely fine and runs without issue on my Pmags. It'll get steel guts and a Prime/RS sized receiver eventually, but for now I can't fault it. Lovely little gun.


    Like I said though, each to their own - I won't knock any of the common AR GIM Systems, because I've owned them all, bar the KJ Works. The G&P built WA system is my choice for the reasons I've mentioned above, but I won't knock the KWA or WE or KJW (the only one I haven't owned).



    Also, edit because Picture thread - Repositioned the gas block, clipped the rail pin and added a gas tube and found a screw for my other set of sights;



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  15. I think it really depends on your mentality; I used to be a right miserable sod when I was younger, so that was exaggerated by it. Generally the gist seems to be if you've had brain issues before, smoking on the reg is likely to bring those issues out a bit. Either way, it's going well so far, just gotta stick at it! Mashing Z's with garden implements is definitely helping.

  16. If you're trying to give up smoking, you may want to give those e-cigs a try if you haven't already.  I know a couple of people that have moved to them and in addition to slowly helping them to give up, showing they're not addicted to the actual nicotine element, they're making substantial savings.  Just think of all the GBBs you could buy instead.


    Ah I meant the non-tobacco kind of smoking dude - Still, one thing at a time for now, once I've thoroughly gotten over the bud I'll get to work on the fags!


    I know exactly what you mean amigo. Moderation is all well and good, but if you yourself aren't comfortable, then it's time to knock it off.


    And as Hitman says... Just think of your wallet, and all the airsoft tokens you'll save! :)



    Definitely - That was another deciding factor, I really can't afford it! Plus, I've seen an R/S build recently of a 10.5 MRP upper on a KAC SR15 Ambi lower, and those Iron Airsot receivers ain't cheap! :P

  17. Rehab is for quitters! :P


    Good luck with it though mate. Not a decision I've found myself needing to make, but I acknowledge it's not an easy thing to just 'stop'.


    See I've got friends who don't have any issues with full time smoking, it's just I'm unable to keep it reasonable - I'm an all or nothing type, and unfortunately it affects me pretty badly - bit of a shame, but hey, there's always me best mate Jack :P

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