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  1. I was watching a Vietnam documentary the other day on NatGeo, and a few 'VC' sitting around the camp had 3 AK's stood up - All of them had side rails on the plastic, fake wood handguards, and one of them had a visible warning sticker, heh.
  2. I've lost 8lbs in 8 days, because I've knocked off the bad kind of smoking (again, relapse is part of rehab right?) and started eating way healthier - Found out grilled peppers are amazing, and I'm so into State of Decay I keep forgetting to eat. It's all coming up Milhwag.
  3. hwagan

    $1K club.

    Look at the bolt It's a G&P/Bomber (From what I can find out, G&P guts in Prime externals, although that's unconfirmed) MRP WA System GBBR; The gun itself goes on Ehobby for $900, and the Strike Systems dot sight, mount, ASAP, Ergo grip and BUIS bring it up to around $1070 or so. A functioning mag (because G&P STANAGS are non-starters) is another $50 odd on top for the G&P Pmag.
  4. hwagan

    $1K club.

    Last time I tried to get in here with an AEG that might have just about barely touched $1k if you counted every single tiny part at it's most expensive price... Finally, legitimate entry!
  5. I'm just ashamed that I'm photographing a thousand pound gun with an Iphone camera... Really need to get some proper shots of it at some point!
  6. I'm using the liquid on my GBBR, and I love the stuff - The action is butter smooth, and value for money wise, very little is required. I like the smell 'n all, plus the cartoon frog is pretty bonus. I'm applying on the hammer roller, a drop in the FCG, a dab around the recoil buffer and middle of the BCG. As a side note, I've also been using it on the nozzle O-ring since I got the gun, and I can see no visible signs of harm to it. Possibly decent quality rubber standing up to it, but I think I'll probably go back to using silicone on the O-ring to be safe.
  7. Welcome to the club Wilde! Your bank account should be terrified And Jimmypie, I'm not normally a big fan of Mk18's but the attention to detail on yours is nuts, really nice build. Also, updated the MRP a little for an upcoming night game, and sprayed the barrel with Plastikote to prevent the rust: Amazingly, I haven't even needed to touch the hop on this - Admittedly it requires taking the barrel assembly out to adjust, but now it's set it's kicking .3's out on an exceptionally nice trajectory.
  8. Nah, steel - I believe all models have the steel carrier, unless there are new ones I've not yet heard of. I had the model LWA sell, and it was generally fantastic - Only real reason I shifted mine was I'm a sucker for trademarks, and I've gotten pretty good with the WA system's foibles. Might be worth contacting Milspec Solutions - They previously sold them, although they're off the website now - However, they might still be able to get one in!
  9. I believe it's the KWA Hong Kong version; I have a feeling Bladerunner168 can confirm this if he sees this, because I think he had that particular model!
  10. It's been a while..

    1. hwagan


      I have a Bomber mother-fruitcaging-MRP to keep me company, AWWWWWWW YEAH.

    2. FireKnife


      Winning, though I always have my 1911s to keep me safe at night and to shoot targets with.

    3. renegadecow


      Also to sex with.

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  11. No, the untreated steel has magically resisted the elements Plan is to Krylon the body pins, and I'm awfully tempted to send the barrel off to Riflecraft for a Cerakote titanium finish...
  12. I'm pretty sure that's what the guy used; It's actually a really nice finish, although I can agree it's not very grippy...
  13. It is a two part barrel, but in my case, it was exceptionally difficult to remove. It was threadlocked on, and I ended up ruining the extension despite wrapping it in electrical tape when using pliers... Might be easier for you, or heating the barrel could work. Either way, once it's removed you'll also need to replace or cut down the inner barrel. Unfortunately, I can't remember the thread direction off the top of my head... I think it's negative, but I can't confirm that so find out first!
  14. I was so excited I finally got my MRP I forgot I also still have a sewing machine for the times I'll need it. Picked up the carbon fibre'd MFR rail from a mate, and it sort of looks quite race-gun-ish to me, so I'm leaving the carbon fibre on it for now. Need to get rid of the A2 grip..
  15. The Madbull Chrono is wrong; That is a fact. Madbull Chrono's are well known for being utterly appalling, and about as consistent as edibility of burgers at festivals.
  16. I really do, but the gun cost enough itself! Saying that, Jon was nice enough to give me the Strike Systems Aimpoint and I'm actually thoroughly impressed; Click-adjustable turrets, no issues with recoil yet, nice bright clear dot etc. Saying that, it's due a Trijicon or maybe an Eotech when I can afford one; That may not be for a little while though!
  17. Close, it's the full on G&P/Bomber MRP Pre-Built WOC; From everything I've managed to find via google (which is very very little), it's Prime externals filled with G&P guts, built in-house by G&P. Whether or not any of that is true, I have no idea! I've been waiting a couple of years to finally get my hands on one, and it's met my expectations and then some. The upper and lower are fully CNC'd, the markings are nicer than any I've ever seen on any Airsoft gun, and it's solid as a rock and performs like a champ with G&P Pmags. A friend picked up a Bomber M733 at the same tim
  18. It's been a long time coming, but... I didn't know an Airsoft gun could ever be this beautifully made or finished; I am literally happier than I could ever describe about now.
  19. *fruitcage* that general area over there, and *fruitcage* cover. Taken by http://ashleighwrightphotography.weebly.com/about-me.html - Who's also written and published a damned good book about Airsoft aimed at new players/the general population.
  20. So do I, and I imagine so does everyone else with an Airsoft AR AEG ever. Shapeways perhaps? Hell, failing that, suggest it to a manufacturer, Madbull would be my recommendation - That's a fantastic idea, looks very well executed, and NEEDS to be made.
  21. It's made my VFC, but I haven't seen one in stock in frikkin' ages.
  22. See this is a common thing that comes up - I use my dot sight, I've got it zeroed accurately, and I actively aim with it. I've gone through probably 20 G&P or other brand replica optics, which is probably close to £800 spent on toy optics which I've then sold on or have broken. £400 would have bought me an R/S Eotech and a lens protector, which would still be with me today. So really, because of cheaping out with replica optics, I've actually away £400...
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