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  1. Yeah, it'd be nice if it was a select fire pistol to CHOSE to go fully auto rather than the gun deciding to do so itself. I've found in room temperatures of around 20-25 degrees celsius, the full auto issue won't occur unless you fire EXTREMELY quickly, or if there's very little gas in the mag. I've only had it happen after lots of rapid firing or in the freezing cold though, so it's not a huge issue. Definitely gonna try and get a TM hop unit in there.
  2. I'm definitely planning on investing in a TM outer barrel/hop set - I think the biggest flaw of the gun is the accuracy. Other than that it's a perfectly good M9, although i'd say it's really more for the summer. I haven't had any problems with magazine fitting or any kind of slide grinding, mine is all very smooth - maybe something to do with the extended slide weighing down a little more on the rails? As for the full auto, that's exactly the problem i had - I'm guessing it's something to do with the metal conducting the cold better and therefore freezing the gas quicker. Damn you, briti
  3. Bit of a post-skirmish update. The hop unit seems to have worn in now, so glue the grub screw and the accuracy isn't too bad. Similar to the WE range of colts, but not quite as consistent. Perfectly adequate though. HOWEVER. This gun CAN NOT COPE with the winter. At all. Previous use in cold weather was usually straight after getting out of the car, which i should have taken into account. Today, on the other hand, i drew the M9 2 hours into the day after i ran dry in my primary. One single shot, a quick burst of 5 fully automatic shots (none of which fired BB's due to the slide
  4. Sorry, forgot to mention that - It doesn't have a functional de-cocker. The safety catch disengages the trigger, so when the safety is on and the trigger is pulled it'll move as normal, but with no connection to the hammer. @Darklite: You've just made my day, thanks for the info!
  5. The WE Beretta M9 As the topic suggests, this is my review of the WE M9. Overview, History, that kinda stuff... So, as we all know, the M9 is the militarised version of the Beretta M92F 9mm Semi-Automatic Double Action Pistol. Accepted as the standard US service pistol some time in the 80's, the weapon is a 9mm pistol. 15 9mm rounds in the magazine, double or single action, and usually seen in the hands of good ol' Bruce Willis. It's used by many many people worldwide, be it police forces, military or civilian. It's a hollywood favourite, and has spawned many a clone and copy. The re
  6. That's an awesome looking grenadier style M4 - Looks very realistic. Nice one
  7. @ Jonny - Gotta be one of the nicest berettas i've seen, awesome photos 'n all. Here's my meagre offering... Apologies for the photos, they're bits i've cut out of larger pictures involving other stuff. Tis a WE M92, the hopup is terrible unfortunately, and it has a tendency to cool down on the last few shots if the mag isn't fully charged with gas. Looks nice, built very well and sounds amazing though. *edit* Forgot to mention - Just under the RH side of the slide, where it should say 'Read Manual Before use', it actually says 'Read Meanal before use'. Hilarity.
  8. Finally got round to some half decent pics of mine - Dboys M4RASII, and G&P M733.
  9. Thanks for all the kind words guys Quick update on how it's doing while i'm here - It's been to 2 skirmishes now - Took it to a very, VERY intense game last sunday, another 4000 rounds through it, and it's still flawless. Not a scratch on it, despite the usual abuse, and no gearbox faults whatsoever, even minor. One game was restricted to semi automatic only, and through the course of 6 130 round magazines of very rapid semi-auto firing, it didn't lock up once. It's also worn in a little better now and the accuracy once the hop is set properly is excellent for such a short barreled rifle
  10. I'd break my right hand wrist for one of those.
  11. The only place i know of with them in stock (well, last time i checked) is Airsoft Armoury. Website is www.airsoftarmoury.co.uk - I'm sure they'll ship to Argentina, and the customer service is brilliant. Give 'em a call or an email
  12. Jack man, you sound like an ultimate n00b when you type on the internet, lol
  13. Here's mine... This is the 2nd, and favourite - The picture really doesn't do it justice down to the angle and the rubbish camera, but it's fantastic in person. It's mainly as a result of starship troopers, because it'll remind me of what a numpty i was one day, and because it's epic badass. This is the first tat i had - Again, the angle makes them look 'bent', but i assure you they're not. The 'Love/Hate' thing is a bit cliche i guess, but there's a lot of personal symbolism to me.
  14. Thanks buddy But yep, it's definitely a hell of an AEG. Took it to another game today - 4000 rounds through it, didn't skip a beat. Survived heavy rain, and it still looks brand new. Not to mention one guy in a corrguated bunker on the other end described hearing the RoF dinging off the metal as 'Trouser changingly terrifying'.
  15. Gah, i feel i'm not doing all mine justice thanks to the crappy phone camera... Methinks the work camera may be coming home for the weekend.
  16. I second the above statement. Win detector overload, all 4 of those rifles look the nuts tomster!
  17. blabla - Loving the 609, that looks fantastic - the foregrip looks great, very 'I'm a navy seal, put a god-damn foregrip on my gun you *badgeress*'... *edit* - I love my new gun so much i'd forgotten i'd already posted pictures of it!
  18. Just a quick few points on retailers i've used, and what they're good and bad for. Airsoft Armoury - Fantastic customer service, fantastic walk in shop. The website is inaccurate with stock levels and lacking a lot of accessories they stock, but a quick phonecall will solve those problems. They're brilliant for purchasing RIF's, and will often offer a discount for larger purchases. My personal favourite place to buy anything airsoft. They're also very good for acquiring difficult to find items, and are more than happy to offer advice and information free of charge. They seem to specialise
  19. The Skirmish Report Right, just got back from a day at Tech Brigade - Certainly not the most fun sunday i've had, but that's a different story for a different forum. You fine people probably want to know how the seemingly wonderful M733 performs in actual fake battle. Well, frankly, it performs wonderfully. I can't really be *froitcagio* to do a proper paragraph stylee in depth run down here, as i'm feeling quite run down myself. So, here's some bullet points. - The gun handles like an absolute dream. In most cases, i wouldn't be found dead without a vertical foregrip on my weap
  20. I'd be completely lying if i said that didn't look absolutely awesome - i bet it cost a shedload though.. As for the whole me googling it thing, i should really have thought of that - my bad entirely, and i wouldn't have been offended at all, i just didn't think of the obvious! Actually, i never think of the obvious.. i tend to get shot quite a lot as a result.
  21. I'm taking it to a game this very sunday, so i'll be updating this review with how it's performing in actual warfake... However, i used to own a G&P M4, got rid of it a few months ago... That was after i'd owned it for 5 years, and despite various modifications to the front and rear end of it, the only failure i ever had was the motor gear, and the one it meshes with (sorry, not sure of the name) stripped. Had those replaced by Z1 2 years into owning it, and roughly 125,000 rounds - They were replaced with systema gears and bushings added, and it's still working in the hands of the new own
  22. What on earth is the point of that if it's fluorescent? Are animals colour blind? They probably are.
  23. Right, it's not really a review, as it's just a shaped piece of rubber. And the last time i reviewed a shaped piece of rubber, the girl i was with gave me some quite funny looks. Anyhoo, the Guarder rubber M4 stock/shoulder pad really is an awesome idea if you have a retractable stocked M4, and you're not into the magpul thing. Here's why: 1 - It weighs about 300g, and helps the balance out a fairly noticeable amount 2 - It's much comfier to shove into your shoulder, allowing you to lock the rifle in tighter without crushing your bones. 3 - It doesn't slip. At all. And it fits on the
  24. A gold MEU? That's the most pointless, ridiculous looking, combat ineffective idea i've ever seen. It'd be like designing the best camo pattern in the world, and chosing fluorescent shades for the colours. My life depends on owning one.
  25. It was £249.99 from Airsoft Armoury - I haven't actually been able to find any other retailers that have it in the UK, it isn't even on WGC or Redwolf... I think AA had 4 or 5 left in stock when i went, might not be a bad idea to see if you can have one reserved though.
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