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  1. I used to own a TM one some time back, and it is a very nice gun indeed, but if you're after an even nicer one - I can honestly say it's well worth the investment. This thing has instantly topped my favourite AEG pile.. As Bababooey kindly showed, some of the details are a little more accurate, and it really is as solid/reliable/shootable as you could want an M733 to be - I'd really recommend it if you're looking for a metal version, especially as this one isn't much heavier than the TM but still has the lovely metal feel to it. On top of that, in my experience G&P have been just as reliab
  2. I feel ridiculous for having to ask this, but have KWA/KSC started to make M4 AEG's, or is it a GBB? I haven't been keeping up lately... my bad. Either way, that set up looks savage.
  3. I'm not at all doubting the quality of Magpul stuff - I've read great things about the various accessories, especially the Pmags... And i'll confess some of the Magpully rifles i've seen do look quite nice, but only when done properly - And i don't have the money to buy a fully pimped magpultastic AEG =[ I will however say all 8 of my CA midcaps are still working flawlessly after 2 years of use, with nothing more than the occasional bit of silicone oil - Wether or not they'll outlast a pmag only time will tell, but i'm pretty pleased with 'em so far.
  4. Definitely agree on that one - I'm not personally a fan of PMAGS though... I've got nothing against Magpul in the real steel world, as anything that'll give you an edge in combat is always a bonus. But this is airsoft, and i don't want to pay silly amounts of money for stuff that's essentially cosmetic... It's more of a fad thing, in the same way modstocks, VLTOR uppers and mini aimpoints seem to be these days. I like my carbine just the way it is, and it's staying that way - Not to mention it actually looks unique because everyone elses is covered in magpul!
  5. I agree entirely mate - The silencer is a QD, so it's on and off quite regularly - it does dampen the sound quite a lot though, so i keep it on me for when sneaking is required. Other than that, it's totally bog standard externally, with an 8.4 1600 battery in the foregrip, and it's chucking out 20 RPS out the box And as for Magpul stuff, i suggest it all be recycled into Gordon Brown shaped plastic targets, just so it'll be useful for something. *edit* There's also a full review of it in the AEG section, with a few more pictures
  6. Magpul can suck my face; I am officially anti-magpul *edit* Fiddlesticks - I've got an M4 RAS II with all sorts of bits bolted onto it, and as much as i love it, it's fairly heavy - The M4 is my 'Sit here, smoke, and shoot things occasionally' gun, and the M733 is my 'Too many cans of relentless, run like a looney at the enemy' weapon, so i'm trying to keep the weight down, as much as i'd love to bolt an aimpoint onto the thing..
  7. You've just single handedly answered every single question about the various little quirks on the gun - Brilliant input, thanks very much fella. I'm not too sure about the buffer tube ring, i'll have to check that tonight. Still, barring a few pretty small differences, i'm quite impressed that G&P have gone to the effort of replicating the glossier finish on the handguards and have got the markings right... Overall i'm insanely pleased with it, the rate of fire sounds like someone tearing canvas. Still, i'm entirely certain it's nowhere near as fun to shoot as yours - very nice pair i
  8. Cheers, i love the thing meself - Although it's only use so far has been gardening, and throwing at an old door in the garage when i'm particularly bored... I did originally have the crane stock fitted on the M4, but the wires get trapped all the damn time, and i'm not really keen on the look of it - And i've just bought meself a G&P M733 - The M4 is my 'sit around and hose' gun, and the M733 is my 'charge around like a looney' one
  9. Hurrah! It's also surprisingly quiet, especially with the silencer.. can't wait to use it on sunday, noone's gonna know what hit 'em
  10. I went to AA today, and bought myself a G&P M733 with a VFC Knight's QD suppressor - I've got a RAS'd M4, which is great, but i wanted something that looked simple... Frankly, it's amazing - Put a madbull 6.03 barrel in it, with the standard hop rubbers, and it's matching a CA M15A2 rifle with the same set up, but a 209mm longer madbull barrel. The CA is awesome as well - I've got a scar CQC made by them and it's never failed me. CA or G&P ftw
  11. Introduction and History The real steel M733, from my limited knowledge, is a variant of the M16A2. It's a carbine version, with a sliding stock, shortened foregrip and an 11.5" barrel. It fires 5.56 flavour ammunition, it was in Black Hawk Down, and it's mainly used for shooting at things. That's about where my real steel knowledge ends. This review is focusing on the G&P replica of aforementioned weapon. G&P are known for making full metal, pre-upgraded AEG's, almost exclusively of the AR15 series of weapons. From what i know, G&P are similar to classic army in that they s
  12. Don't have a picture of mine on it's own, but here's one with my SCAR. Ka-Bar Black Tanto, Kydex sheath. If you want an idea of the quality, i had a row with my dad about it some years ago. He tried to wreck the blade with a 15lb sledgehammer, and ended up breaking the handle of the sledgehammer.
  13. Thanks man, much appreciated Not bad for less than £200! I was thinking of painting the bolt, but during a game it's covered anyway, and i have a fondness for shiney things... It's getting fairly rusty though, so i should really get round to it. As for the VFG, i do use one during games, but i left it out of the picture as i like the looks of the 4 covered rails... kinda makes it look a little 'SD'ish with the silencer IMO. Can't imagine actually using it without a VFG though, i don't buy a weapon without a lower rail anymore just for that reason!
  14. Am i the only one that's had frankly terrible experiences with WE colts? MEU - Outer barrel failed, and the slide now sticks on the ejection port every time. Same thing happened to a friends tactical (same as reviewed), and his second one is now starting to develop the same fault. Anyone able to shed some light on this, or did we just get a bad batch?
  15. Why not... Here's myself, at Ace combat in tonbridge, looking fairly silly. *edit* - The middle one is clearly posed. I was trying to look like a badass. I think i pulled it off quite well
  16. Ok, so it's nothing too special, but here's my M4 RASII. *albartroth* to you, magpul!
  17. I think that's probably the nicest pistol i've ever seen in my life, and i think i'd quite happily put up with being hit 4 times as often after being given away by reflections for it. Nice isn't the word mate, that's a beauty.
  18. I have no idea how to delete my last post, so apologies for the double. Anyhoo, some half decent pictures: Firstly, the SCAR... And the M4... Coming soon, a SIG 556 shorty xD
  19. 500,000 does seem quite an immense number... Saying that, i had a G&P M4 survive unmodified for about 200,000 rounds before that went west... Regular cleaning goes a long way!
  20. Apologies for the awful quality - Was taken on a mobile phone. I'll try and get some better quality/properly lit shots this evening. Anyhoo, firstly, my beloved CA SCAR CQC/L: I was unable at the time to get the Classic Army 10.5" barrel, so i had to customise a KA 200mm silencer. Widened one hole so it'd slide over the outer barrel and then thread onto the end of it. On top of that it's got a star flip-up front sight, an unknown make ACOG red dot, and a flaming skull sticker from guitar hero. Which is totally necessary. Next is my D-boys M4CQB RAS-II:
  21. I'd very much like to, but my house backs directly onto a public wood, and the fence is quite low - i'll try and get some better photo's when it isn't 'walk the dog o clock'
  22. Apologies for the phone camera quality, but here's some pictures. And yes, it is a scientific fact that the flaming skull makes it shoot better.
  23. Ahh, my mistake - I was wondering how exactly that would work if it were true. Makes a lot more sense that it isn't!
  24. Right, here be my review of the Classic Army FN-SCAR Light (CQC as CA call the black version). Cost: £345 from Airsoft Armoury. Prices range from £320-400. Magazine: 300 round, high capacity. Barrel length: 363mm. Gearbox: Classic Army V2. Motor: Classic Army hi-torque. Battery: 8.4/9.6 mini up to 1400mah, LiPo of similar size (may require modification). Sights: Folding, adjustable for windage and elevation. Stock: Folding, Extending, Adjustable cheek weld. Rail system: 4" rails on left and right, full length rail on the top, lower rail from magazine well to end of receiv
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