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  1. Buy my Samson rail or I'll post pictures of FK at the weekend.

    1. FireKnife


      Wait, you have MORE pics of me at the weekend, I thought I told you, once they trousers come off no more piccy time. ;)

    2. hwagan


      Dude I didn't take them, I got an Xbox one to test :P

    3. FireKnife


      Ah that explains...............nothing :P.

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  2. 6 CA 130 round metal Midcaps at Wolf for 55 quid - Best midcaps I've ever used if anyone needs some.

    1. RSM


      Mastercard to action!

  3. I did once have an incident with my WOC firing a .3 and taking someone's tooth out; I rechrono'd with .2's and .3's at the Marshall's request, and the J level on .2's at 355FPS came up as 1.29J, and .3's at 332 read 1.34J, so right on the limit. I'd like to chrono with a .4 to find the J rating, but as you say - UK sites are the issue when it comes to chrono methods. I don't try and deliberately trick the chrono, and I'll always mention that I'm using .3's or .4's on the day after chrono'ing with .2's - But other than the above incident, I've never once had a hot gun complaint made against
  4. Damned hipsters I would be clicking like on all of this, but I have reached my 'like' quota. I'm just too nice.
  5. I really can't deal with it at all! Had to use one on Sunday as my MOE grip needed a hole drilling for my WE M4, I honestly hate nothing more! Why not an A1 grip? I find they're absolutely fine when the ridge isn't there, and they obviously look nigh on the same. And Isamu - Unlucky man At least your ammo isn't as expensive though right? heh.
  6. Maybe you are, I run .3's in my pistol Also, TRH - Such a nice gun, and an A2 pistol grip? You're either masochistic or going for a specific look
  7. Out of politeness more than anything - I imagine my AR doesn't put out significantly more than 1.3J with a .4, but a .4 up close frikkin' hurts even at a reasonable velocity! There's also the fact the close up areas of my site are pretty much all bushes and foliage and spindly tree branches, so moving with a sidearm is a lot easier.
  8. Well the NPAS was set to 320 on a .2; I figured that should be low enough to keep a .4 under 1.3J, although if I'm wrong I can dial it down a touch. Still, even if I am poking slightly above, I don't feel guilty about it - My site is very much a hicap fest; When I'm hit, it's by a 15 round burst of .2's at 350FPS, often at reasonably close range; When I hit someone, it's 1 or 2 .4's at around 280FPS (by my rough estimation) - Fair enough they sting a little, but I know the burst of .2's stings a lot more! I'm also very careful if I'm likely to hit someone close up and I'll aim for a PC/Web
  9. If that phrase could just never be used again, that'd be great.
  10. My thoughts exactly, plus the sun definitely won't get in my eyes right? I have long harboured dreams of being part of a Mariachi band.
  11. I'll get some proper pictures once the build is actually complete, but here's a pic someone got of me on Sunday with my new WE M4; It was overhopping .3's out the box, so I put some .4's in it... I actually feel guilty about the performance, it wipes the floor with nigh on everything running Madbull .40's, the range is ludicrous. The Eotech is getting replaced with a Recce scope as a result once I can afford it. The WE barrel nut is unfortunately not R/S spec on the teeth, so the rail is clamped down on some electrical tape... Bah. Anyone got a good recommendation for a US r
  12. That gun looks like the opposite of 'Ponsing about with shiney things'. Looks like a proper fightin' piece, that does.
  13. Yes; A much larger proportion of single men want no strings sex compared to women; Ergo, for every one woman that wants no strings boning, there are 10 men. That means any such website or place lets women join for free, and charges men for the privilege.
  14. That may be how they were advertising it, but there was nothing whatsoever blocking the tube on the 9.0 I had - Maybe they've re-designed them since the first batch, or there's a specific US version?
  15. I've managed to sell my LM4, so last night I took the plunge on (what I think at least) was a damn good deal; Brand new (Sub<500 rounds, looks retail fresh from the pictures, including the mags) WE KAC Rail'd 14.5 M4, latest gen (3? 4?) NPAS Fitted, original box, all tools and bits and bobs. 5 x Gen 2 mags Element/ACM Scoutlight, Replica EOTech. All told came to £450 and the Paypal fees - New would have cost me the same money but without any of the accessories, so reasonably pleased on the price, and the chap is dropping it off to me this evening. Cheers for the help so far all
  16. I haven't owned one yet, so I wouldn't wanna make a recommendation myself - But plenty of owners seem to agree the stock WE's are a lot better these days, as well as RA-Tech parts being less than awesome. As for the colt receiver; http://www.airsoftglobal.com/shop/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=552_553&products_id=13900 Here's one AG made earlier My suggestion, going on past GBBR experiences, is run it stock until it breaks - Then replace the trigger group, either with stock WE (£40, in the UK) or get a steel set up from CWI if you can find them, or maybe Hephaestus? B
  17. I'm pretty much in agreement on this; Having had the Madbull VTAC and SWS 9.28" - I'd buy the SWS again if I was going for that look; 12 seconds or so with a pair of snips, and I can fit a gas block and tube without a problem and a barely noticeable change to the exterior. The VTAC on the other hand was a total no go. I mean you physically can't see the part where the gas tube meets the upper - Why not simply put an inch of aluminium at the back with a hole for a gas tube? For all intents and purposes it'd look just as good, and hell, Madbull wouldn't have to use as much metal to make it. Some
  18. Receiver wise, you can get WE OEM ones reasonably cheap - www.milspecsolutions.co.uk have both uppers and lowers, and www.airsoftglobal.com has trademarked lowers for $68. Prime ones are seriously, terrifyingly expensive! Assuming you buy the O/B kit, you'd still need (if I recall correctly) an upper and lower receiver, pistol grip, stock/buffer tube set up, forward assist, dust cover, charging handle, buffer lock, buffer lock spring, selector detent, selector detent spring, front and rear takedown pins, mag catch, outer barrel. Whilst those bits aren't all enormously expensive, it'll be a
  19. Thanks man, really helpful and useful info there! That's quite similar to what I was expecting as well, although it's good to see the first few rounds aren't insanely high - I was worried there'd be a 30-40FPS difference or thereabouts. For what it's worth, I'm yet to see any evidence crowning affects a barrel in anything other than an exceptionally highly tuned sniper rifle; In fact, quite the opposite. The barrel in my LM4 is cut down roughly with a hacksaw, and crowned with the pointy end of a Ka-bar. It looks an utter mess, but there's no burring or damage on the bore itself
  20. Airsofters ruin Facebook statuses like noone else I've ever known.

    1. hwagan


      That you and other Airsofters ruin FB Statuses :P (In fairness, you're far from the worst offender..)

    2. Wild_XIII


      I think you just need to watch more Johnny Bravo. Not that it'll stop people with the status thing but because JB is 'da man!

    3. hwagan


      Watching Jonny Bravo is never not a good idea.

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  21. Nah, it was mainly for the cool points However, having looked into just how dodgy it is, I don't think it's quite worth the cool points!
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