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  1. Fair point; I read it as "Bad idea, but sort of grey areaish.", but having just looked up some of the details, I will definitely be steering clear of R/S uppers.
  2. What exactly went wrong with your LM4? I've heard of people having feed issues and hop issues, but mine has really been flawless the time I've owned it; It's a shame, I still think it's a decent system, it just lacks the necessary support. So the trigger pack I'm guessing has seen some pretty decent improvements? I recall in the early parts of this thread there were a few issues, and with the bolt catch as well; I'm guessing these seem to have been rectified now? Nozzles I consider a consumable in GBBR's to be honest - In fact, I consider everything except the externals a consumable
  3. http://www.arniesairsoft.co.uk/forums/index.php?/topic/208348-gp-hk416c/ Some brief info on page 2, and I believe more on GGI, although I'm yet to read it. Fair point as well, a G&P M7A1 or something similar could be had for less than the G5 + mags. Thing is, GHK do make very good out of the box guns - Assuming you like the look of this or you're new to GIM guns (I'm not a massive fan either), it's not a bad option. Lightweight, unique looking, good mags, reliable (GHK's PDW internals are pretty damned good), good performance and not as pricey as a brand new WOC/Ino/Viper se
  4. Thankyou, aftermarket companies, for not supporting probably the best GIM M4 system available. Really, thanks. I will miss you LM4 :(

    1. kenxin


      Well, 2 of the main 3 competing designs (WE and WA type) have already vast aftermarket support. Perhaps the companies don't care to spend anymore R&D on gas stuff?

    2. hwagan


      That's why I'm going with WE really; It's a shame, because despite the KWA being one of the best designs, it's received no support because everyone has already gone with the WA/WE system.. Bah.

    3. FireKnife


      Kinda of reminds me as to why I don't bother buying that PPK/S I have always wanted, no aftermarket support and getting spares would be a *badgeress*.

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  5. The WA/G&P System and VFC systems can be made decent independent of each other - But the attempt to mash the two together is just a bad idea, I've heard of nothing but compatability issues and unique parts in the 416C...
  6. Ahh fair enough, I can live without the RS upper, was mainly just curiosity. ...Anyone fancy an LM4?
  7. It definitely looked quite unusual - I'm quite a fan of fluted barrels on AR's, don't usually see them much. Anyhow, thanks for checking on the chrono - Much appreciated, I haven't heard of WE's doing the whole hot first few shots thing, but it'd be nice to confirm either way. As for the Co2 mags, I might have to see if I can find an exploded diagram - If it'd have to take a catastrophic structural failure of the mag (which it's sounding like from your description) to unleash the full blast of Co2, that might be good enough for my local site - Probably won't be, but hey, a man can drea
  8. Thanks man, that's a lot of help - Am I right in thinking your WE Is the one with the 7" DD rail and match-looking barrel? If so, it's a damn nice looking build! I've found AFC's website 'n all, but I'll probably end up going with AG - They've also got the trademarked lower as a separate part, as well as uppers and plenty of other spares so it seems like a good plan to pick up a few bits from them in one go. As for Co2 mags, any chance you could Chrono the first few rounds from a fresh Co2 load? I've seen a few Co2 guns that'll give an extra 50-100FPS on the first few shots out of fre
    1. RWJP


      I can sense the purists raging already!

    2. hwagan


      S'why I posted it ;)

    3. hawaiianjuggernaut


      What a troll you are :P

      I think it looks good. Then again, my AK has an M4 stock...

      Purists gonna hate.

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  9. Morning everyone, I'm starting to consider switching from the KWA LM4 to a WE system for a couple of reasons - Mainly, more guns available for one kinda mag, generally cheaper guns and parts, and easier availability of aftermarket bits and Co2 mags. I've been lurking this thread since day one, so I've got a pretty good idea of the WE's foibles. However, a couple of minor questions; With WE's latest models, i.e, Gen 3(?) - Am I correct in thinking most stock issues are sorted and it'll run well for a decent period in stock condition, other than some experimenting with hop rubbers? S
  10. Basically anyone but T-Mobile/EE - They're a frikkin' joke, and 4G is all they have going for them, and even that isn't available in many places.
  11. Vodafone have been entirely fantastic for me for over 6 years now.
  12. PEQ's look cool, but I rarely ever used them; You've got a laser on the EOTech, and a tac-light will make a better weapon light than a PEQ - Depends how badly you want one. They do look swish however, which is ample reason to buy one.
  13. Every KWA/KSC gun I've owned has had the same flow valve, so you should be fine with a spare - Can't confirm that first hand, but it'd shock me if the KRISS valve was proprietary.
  14. Curiosity, why the adjustment dials on the EOtech magnifier?

    1. FireKnife


      Well as it turns out I am not a fan of the two-tone look (tried it on my Detonics), I just want it for those 80's moments and to match my comedy loadout :P.

    2. bladerunner168


      The NSR (9") is a Madbull replica so we'll see when it arrives.

    3. Leon Kennedy
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  16. Meh, I spent ages singing their praises all over the boards prior to this - I'm not at all saying they're a bad retailer, far from it - I'm merely stating that this minor screwup caused me a ruined weekend, a load of grief as a result of (temporary) money issues, and the desire to not use LWA again
  17. I'm not saying you failed; I just dispute the fact you didn't receive my e-mail - I've sent many, many emails to info@landwarriorairsoft.com from the same address, and they've always got through absolutely fine - Here's the screen print of the e-mail I sent from my sent folder - I'm not seeing any spelling mistakes in the address, nor can I fathom why despite 10's of previous emails getting through absolutely fine, this one would wouldn't. As for ordering on a bank holiday weekend; I made the order on a business day (Thursday) and paid for Saturday delivery, and Saturday is a standard
  18. That's often a symptom of whatever pushes the bolt catch up from the magazine not pushing it up enough; The easiest fix is to add material to the underside of the bolt catch so it gets a more positive engagement with the bolt (generally a bit of credit card superglued in place is a good way of doing it). That's obviously assuming part of the magazine pushes the bolt catch up on empty with the M14, which I'm not familiar with, although I can't imagine how else it'd lock the bolt....
  19. There's not going to be a good way to give a KRISS significant recoil without pooping all over the performance; If you want recoil from a GBBR, don't buy one modelled precisely on a gun designed to reduce recoil
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