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    Echo 1 G36 Compact with a BSA red-dot scope, custom sling, and a random foregrip a friend gave me. Echo 1 M4 with a full stock, smooth handguard, and a Leapers red/green dot sight mounted on the carrying handle.
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    Shouting 'SHENANIGANS!' right before I get smoke-check somebody.
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    United States

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    Frank-town, Kentucky
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    Airsoft ( duh. ), American Muscle cars, Nissan 350/370 Fairlady Z, Art, The Army and Air Force, and anything that goes 'boom.'
  1. J-Rock_14

    Tactical Footwear Picture Thread

    I have a paor of Bates low-top boots. They're pretty comfortable, and long lasting for daily use.
  2. J-Rock_14

    What music are you currently listening to?

    Atreyu- Shamful I wish I could play my music louder right now. Everybody else is asleep. It sucks being the only insomniac in the family. :/

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