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  1. A normal AR charging handle will NOT fit the Hk417, there is a huge size difference in the bolts both in length and diameter. Here is a pic i took in comparison with an old AGM M4 bolt and charging handle I had. Hope this helps.
  2. Well I have noticed the bolt bouncing a lot more than any 5.56 AR variant I have owned... But I rarely get misfeeds as the nozzle stays in place. I would suggest removing the nozzle and polishing the inside of the bolt carrier, as it is painted and with use the paint wears off unevenly causing the nozzle to move sluggishly. (And of course lubricate the nozzle oring properly)
  3. I guess we need more HK417.. VFC GBBR with 16" Kit (RAS and outer barrel) I have problems with my bipod not attaching firmly, thats why there is cardboard between it and the mount
  4. Couldn't ask for a better answer, thanks. I will refrain from buying any valves for now, and I will just get the azimuth power down floating valve for the bolt. I don't really care about recoil, but yes, the cycling on full auto is a bit iffy.. Although I don't really plan on using it on full auto that much as I am using the gun in CQB only, i will pull it apart when i have free time and look onto the things you mentioned! Cheers!
  5. Picked up a used MP5A5 a few days ago. Had issues with the hop up, did the VSR mod with a nineball rubber and I am getting incredible range and accuracy, no misfeeds and it only took me around 20 minutes.. Already skirmished with this once and it works very well and I am thinking of picking up a few parts in case something goes wrong with it, and have been looking at magazine valves too... So, are Azimuth valves worth it?
  6. Took my 417 today for test firing. VFC 420mm inner with PDI W-Hold bucking, I could hit a man sized target at 80 meters 90% of the time. My gun works and feeds perfect on semi, with an occasional flyer every 10-15 shots (Don't know whats causing this, maybe the rubber and barrel need some breaking in..) I don't really care about full auto, but this GBB definitely doesn't like it, my groupings were EVERYWHERE. Also I never really bothered with cooldown because here in Greece the temperatures are above 15 degrees most of the time, but the gun worked perfectly today which was very cold (-2 to 0
  7. I got one of the bible quoted 6.03mm barrels from VFC for my 16" kit (420mm fits perfectly), installed it along with a PDI hop bucking. Got a great increase in accuracy, but havent had the chance to test it in ranges further than 60m. Even if the barrels say they are for AEGs they have cuts for WE and VFC GBBRs so they could be a good choice for someone that cant find any alternatives and the quality is very good. Also I found that the buckings with extended moulds dont work well on this gun due to the way the hop up arms sits in the unit.
  8. Got mine yesterday (from WGC, their service is amazing), recoil feels amazing and its LOUD. My hop up is consistent enough when using it in semi-auto (I would say very accurate)... In full auto it just spews BBs everywhere (Only like half of them fly straight)... Unlike nugentgl's 417, my outer barrel came out just fine... But I am having troubles with removing the barrel nut, as its screwed in too tight and I have no specialized tools. And after seeing that video I am way too scared to put too much strength in it!! ..
  9. Hahaha "I read it on the internet" That made my day, I need one!!!!
  10. A bit disappointed on the RMR compatibility, and having to work around something that could have been avoided alltogether by the manufacturer by simply relocating a few holes, really puts me off...
  11. Yeah, this could prove VERY annoying when converting to 16" or 20" barrels
  12. The stock pin on that part is plastic... Mine broke within 30 shots (Probably a lemon) so at the time I had to get it machined. I think thats a very good choice for people who dont have access to machinery...
  13. Umh... When did this happen? We get this earlier than Asia?
  14. The metal or the plastic one? My nozzle is still fine but I am thinking of getting one in case i run into any problems.. I don't think I can live without my M870 for 2 weeks!
  15. Well 100GBP is about 180USD so 60$ is not a lot cheeper considering that you DO get a stock and pistol grip with the G&P kit... Even so, 180$ and 240$ is a lot of money considering the gun itself costs 300$... but i will end up buying one of the two, the original stock is way too unwieldy to use in CQB games for me...
  16. Okay, thanks for the answers guys... Maybe i will just wait for the angrygun saddle.. In other news, i took it apart to install the G&P RAS forend but now it won't feed BBs and i am pretty sure everything is in place. (Also looking down on the feed port i don't see anything broken / out of place) Anyone had the same issue? Any ideas what could be causing the problem?
  17. Hey guys, I have been wondering what shell side saddle to get for this... I know the marui shells are fatter than the real 12 gauge ones but by how much? Can i just get a polymer side saddle and sand the insides for the shells to fit? Also are the receiver pins in the same place as the real one, or are they off spec? (I remember the receiver being a bit shorter than the RS but all i care is the pin position so I can mount the shell saddle)
  18. Has anyone got any ideas on where to find the m870 in stock? (Europe / Asia) I have been looking for it in all the online stores I can think of, but no luck...
  19. I admit I am a little bit confused here.
  20. Hey guys, I have had this for 3 weeks now and went to two games with it. Used propane and fired around 600 rounds total and no damage on the nozzle. (Still worried though) But I have another problem. The gas efficiency seems to be a bit crappy. Sometimes I cannot fire a whole magazine with one gas load even in semi-auto. Is it this way with everyone's? (I think it was around 15 deg celcius and relatevly high humidity)
  21. Still can't get a hold of the gun! Anyone knows any places that stock the KRISS? (Except USA)
  22. Well I wouldn't suggest steel barrels too, as I had the Guarder stainless one rip 2 chambers of mine. Best way from what I have seen and tried is renegadecow's liquid gasket explained some pages back. (I use Locktite Black RTV Silicone)
  23. Ok, for those that are still wandering about the reliability of this gun. I play almost every Sunday and for the last year I have played in most games with my G39C. It has fired A LOT of rounds, I don't know how many but they are easily beyond 20000. Issues with the gun: Valve knocker pin broken. This can only be replaced with a part thats exclusive to the G39. This and the valve delayer. If you want to swap it out for a part from other WE systems, (M4 / PDW / SCAR) you have to change the valve delayer too. From left to right: M4 Old, G39 (All), M4 New (I dont have a valve delayer that m
  24. Ok thanks guys, I will look into it. So, if I decide to buy Krylon can you guys suggest any shops in Europe? I know Firesupport in the UK carries them, but its overseas and shipping is a bit high, for just spray paint...
  25. Has anyone used Montana mat spray paint on their guns? Is it just as good as Krylon?
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