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  1. People who quote msn convorsations on Arnie's as they feel the need to show us how many friends they have.
  2. Not as bad as when people buy jeans with holes in .
  3. Someone had a party in your house and didn't invite you? I think you got OWNED jk edit :speeling
  4. Same, I canceled it half way through!
  5. You should take the pics from a different angle!
  6. You guys look pretty good. What gun are you holding?
  7. Take the pistol out of your pocket jebus!
  8. Nice one mate! I think it looks really cool.
  9. That is the best even i have ever seen!!!! It looks so amazing! +1
  10. Hardcoil, that gun is sooo nice!
  11. I have a black and white fender strat- no picks though, sorry!
  12. I need that tac light thing!
  13. ?Did you even read what I wrote?
  14. I went to one of his courses in the summer. It was great .
  15. Um, no I don't. And your attempt at humor was pretty poor.
  16. cpaxton

    Academy SA80's

    When is ICS or TM gonna make one?
  17. I would but cant get my camera to work atm.
  18. 3 aiming devices is way ott
  19. Is that a pic of french special forces?
  20. Maybe it is just because you are well known with a high post count and the manner with which you speak online, that newer users might think you are a mod, so come to you for help. If users acted a bit more responsible we wouldn't need mods to sort out b1tch fights, but somehow I don't see that happening.
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