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  1. All these glocks put my one to shame....
  2. Cheers mate, was thinking about making lightweight carbon fibre suppressors for glocks, but wouldn't want to even think stealing this guys thunder, it's nice to see some stuff being made in england BTW what barrel did you use??
  3. Excuse me not to sound silly here but where can I buy one of those suppressors? because surely if it's carbon fibre it would be light enough to allow my stock Tm glock to still cycle fine.
  4. They do lol they're called snail mags but they look mega fugly
  5. is lubbing it like this.

  6. my new marushin .44 strum ruger super redhawk 9.5 inch, i love it shoots 8mm sized holes into whatevers infront it clicky clicky
  7. i hope so because theres some money burning a hole in my pocket.
  8. im thinking of getting this is there any upgrade parts?
  9. thanks, and sorry im a bit new to this.
  10. quote name='Mr Foxhound' date='Aug 16 2009, 06:10 AM' post='2158964'] These can Co-witness flip up sights correct? MY fake EOtech is so dim in summer,I don't even use it anymore. yes as long as the he sights are tall enough but then again this sight is very low. and people asking about the killflash g&p make one they also make a 2x maginfier and a rubber coat thing which is like a scope condom.
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