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  1. The secret is to only play with people who take it less seriously than you do and who also have a sense of humour. Unfortunately, this being airsoft, this is practically impossible.
  2. Toy bows are terrible but man are they hilarious (please watch this full size on youtube, it's very important)
  3. Aaah, free again to bring you more of my personal brand of stupid
  4. I finally got round to looking throug the hours of footage I took at a January game to find anything useable. I got like, four minutes :v Next one will be better, since stuff actually happens!
  5. 10/10 would watch again I feel like some shots could have used a little more colour saturation but... who's counting
  6. I'd put an annotation link in there at the end that links to the site, if I were you. Only real critique apart from the either not quite convincing robo voice, or very convincingly robotic sounding person recording it :v
  7. You literally just have to post the full url of the video instead of the shortened format it gives you while uploading ie www.youtube.com/whatever instead of youtu.be/whatever Like this! I found some old footage I forgot about and lazily cobbled it together to avoid doing actual work. Woo.
  8. I find it best to simply lie down in the trench and do situps when you need to shoot at people :v
  9. Totally unrelated question, does anyone know offhand the dimensions of o-rings that go round the fill valve in the magazines? I need to buy more for uh... reasons.
  10. Why would you replace the existing 416 irons with some terrible american peephole things? I don't get it.
  11. Well, that solves that problem, cheers Was out of stock when I looked
  12. Might net them some viewers :v
  13. It's that time again :v (Please enlarge and HD it, unless you like looking at a soup of massive pixels. Thanks youtube) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ySG8Cork-t0
  14. Black upper and OD lower would do it for me
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