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  1. few new pics, along with some of my friends cars the black civic is mine.
  2. yeah i think im gonna be going with some TEIN springs, 1.9" inches in the front and 1.7 in the back, there Alot of things i want but it might take me awhile to get everything lol. nice choice of rims, too bad youre not in the U.S i could give you some sites with Dirt cheap Rim/Tire packages
  3. hahah i wish i had a type-r, even if i could find one, im too poor to afford one, im only 16 lol.
  4. lol, i didnt put them on, the dude before me did, i thought the same thing when i saw the car online, they look alot better in person though, trust me.
  5. 1996 Honda Civic EX 1.6L Vtec, Mods coming soon!!!!
  6. you can mount the G&P m203 without mounting it over the front barrel cant you? or maybe thats a different m203 im thinking about, anyways, Looks good, nice and simple
  7. really nice!!! i wanna get a TM hi capa 5.1 sometime in the future, and get all Full metal parts, but then again there are alot of guns i want to get.
  8. sweet pics. interesting how none of you use CIRAS/RAV or plate carriers, nice to see some teams still using tac vests though.
  9. heres my pretty simple KWA Glock 17 with a Z-5 Tac Light and a hogue Rubber grip
  10. boiled it for about a minute or two, then grabbed each end with plyers and a wrench and just twisted extremely hard until it came off. and i sanded it down and repainted it.
  11. CA M15 S.P.C -Systema M120 Spring -Reinforced Bushings -Systema M4 363mm 6.04 Tightbore -LayLax Nitro Bipod Rail mount -Rock Mount Harris Style 6-9" Bipod -Vertical Grip -Falcon Industries Rail Covers -HK G36K Style Flash Hider -Leapers 4x32 Reticle illuminated Mil-Dot Scope
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