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  1. It isn't at all.. The Mag well lost coating/Paint after initial mag install and continued to the entire day of use.
  2. My current Project. Trying to get back into it strong.. DYTAC URX III Early in the process.. Just a few Bolt ons for now.. Waiting on some internals and a few more external parts.
  3. Haven't posted on this site in a while. Got my hands on a RM4 and surprisingly I like it. my first personally owned KWA. Very solid build. Had issues with Range and accuracy right out of the box though. Still working that stuff out. Added the rise took off barrel extension replaced inner barrel Added AMP motor Added Ambi Mag Catch And Flash hider Doubt I will do anything else to it.
  4. HSGI Cobra Riggers belt may fit your need as well. Here is my HSGI Suregrip BB (Excuse bad photos, having a bad day with my headaches) This Belt setup is that piece of Kit that makes you want to take your Loadout more seriously (even remotely serious in my case). Looking to test and buy Plate carriers for the new plates I ordered, this is going to get quite pricey..
  5. First, I know it is not the high end stuff you guys see so often in these Threads. Forgive me for my Blasphemous ways. I have been in the Market for a Rig that would go well with my HSGI Sure Grip Battle Belt. This required whatever Plate Carrier I went with to be compact. The Shellback Tactical Banshee was suggested by too many of my friends to ignore it. The issue for me was finding a COyote Brown version in stock. With me Inpatience in overdrive, and money burning a hole in my pocket, I continued the search. While scouring Youtube, I stumbled across a video from NutnFancy. Said Video was
  6. I know the 3 risers are PTS. I have tried them on multiple Stocks. I am going to buy another Riser from a different source to make sure the information provided by the seller is accurate. Thanks for the response Noveske, it always puzzled me. I like the look and feel of the riser.
  7. Azn, that is one of the best from scratch builds I have seen. Great work man. Question, I have a few of those cheek risers but all of them don't stay on. No matter what stock I get, Real PTS or ACM., Do you guys secure them with glue?
  8. Don't worry AZN, there are those of us with them that know and appreciate what you OG guys have into yours. I am sure there are a lot of RS guys that feel that way about Airsoft.
  9. Is it loose or just not straight? I wanted to build one from scratch but the welding of the buffer kept me from success. I commend you guys that accomplished it.
  10. I think they are. Definitely heavier than most of my AR platforms.
  11. Got my hands on a Mag K (JG Version). I think this was a display unit. Warning Labels were peeled off and there were signs of physical use. But nothing major.
  12. Here is a quick Cell phone snap of my newest addition. G&P WOC with a bunch of RA Tech internals and some RS goodies. Not something I am really a fan of, but the price was too good to pass up. More pics soon.
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