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  1. Nice dog cock. Can you get a pic of its anus? Oh yeah - nice guns too.
  2. Very Nice... is that a room or a garage?
  3. donnie

    Before and After

    DEAD EASY...I got gunworkshop in HK to build it - theyve done a couple guns for me. The USC started as STAR UMP - we got a real stock - remove the UMP pistol grip and sculpted it on to it - then remove the trades and engrave the new USC trade. Not all trades are fixed as you`ll see from the starairsoft VA trade. It was already expensive enough - only so much I wanted...Happy enough with the USC mention. I sent them a USC tritium sight which they fitted - obviously the whole thing including the stock got painted grey and then the Hk logo was reapplied and selct fire filled.
  4. donnie

    Before and After

    Heres the modified trades from UMP to USC.
  5. donnie

    Before and After

    some fabulous guns here... Souske especially nice on this page.... My most transformed guns is this I think... started off as a UMP sort of like this... ended up as a USC like this. excuse the finger marks on the USC - the plastic likes to show off any fingerprints.
  6. some of these revolvers looks real good. Stayed away from revolvers but so hard to resist with pics like these...
  7. We all know those boxes are empty Nice M12 too
  8. phoenix360mute....Those CHANGING THE QUOTE jokes are so last season.
  9. WTF ... who pushed you out of bed the wrong side...? your attitude sucks.
  10. Titleist....Those CHANGING THE QUOTE jokes are so last season.
  11. 11 inches long, rock hard, rubber tipped with a bulbous end...the scopes is both awesome AND phalic. 8)...if only my penis was ruubber tipped - cant have it all spose lol
  12. Award to most phalic scope goes to the above
  13. your Acogs toooooo small... I got some other scopes - nothing as expensive as the acog - will try to get pics - Hey I thought Titelist said in another thread airsoft wasnt a who can spend the most money competion ? I do need a good Leopold though....
  14. ScreaminWeasil your Elcan copy looks quite good - main difference in the mount...did/does it come with flip up rubber covers? BTW meant to type AIMPOINT COMP ML2 not Acog...doh...cant edit the post now...
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