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  1. Looks good, Do you have a how to guide?
  2. So as there doesn't seem to be any owners threads for this little baby, is it worth using this one? Recently bought one second hand, and yesterday was my first outing with out. Running it on HPA, and have found it battles to hit a measured 20m, even with the input pressure turned up to near max (running at 110 PSI, and manual stated max input of 120 PSI) Setting the hop rubbers on this is "interesting". Found that on mine, it didn't seem to hop .25s, and I got better range with 0.2s (first time ever I've had this!). I tried the following methods to set the hops after I ran tape around
  3. Its fine in the forest, the trees block most of the rain, and the UN base can get fairly close, so its kinda like CQB!
  4. Don't forget Spartan Airsoft in Bristol. We have a few players that drive past Dragon Valley to get to site...
  5. Bolt hold open on the Pmaps when used with the Mega Arms can be an issue. The Pmags can cause the Mega Arms to lock back on every shot, thought this can be solved with a small amount of time and a file. Definitly going to try the conversion shown above!! Lee
  6. I have a Airsoft Surgeon SAI slide on mine, and run it with a WE CO2 mag. Seems to fire fine, bit more of a kick, but same power as standard green gas, thought slitghtly lower than WE Europe Green gas! On CO2 it chrono's around 320ish. Later daze Lee
  7. Just been offered one to try, so as soon as I have it and get a chance to get it fitted, I'll join in with my thoughts. Later daze Lee
  8. I would have thought so as well,as I have always had good results with the PTS kit, when I'm not away working, I should probably compare the two and see if the selector section is different.
  9. I have one of the Magpul ami selectors on my Mega Arms, installation was very simple, just push out the old selector and push in the new one. The only thing I don't like is the selector mechanism no longer has the nice, definite click between settings! Hoping I can get one of the Bad *albatross* ones instead, if they every get made for GBBRs. Later daze Lee
  10. From the hanlde that looks like a Hardigg Storm Case, they have been taken over by Pelican now as well! Having a quick look, it may well be a iM2370 case, link below: http://www.pelican.com/cases_detail_storm.php?Case=iM2370 Later daze Lee (Not a case annorack at all...)
  11. Glad to be of help! I had the same worry when I bought mine. The First Factory part is also sold as Laylax by some of the other suppliers. I had major issues searching for it as under the First Factory brand Not the greatest pic, but mine is below!
  12. I have the Laylax rail on my Scar H, fits really well and looks awesome! Just be aware that when you undo the side rails, the bolts that hold these on are loose and can fall out of place. Later daze Lee
  13. I have also just bought the set to go into a G&P Troy M7 and replace the AWS Raptor that has always been problematic. Good points on the ASCU: Better cabling than the Raptor Better tracking system for selector plate and cycle completetion Comes complete with the selector plate and everythiing needed to fit it. I did find I needed to Dremel out a couple of areas of the gear box, but fine after that. I had identical issues with the hop up unit as well, barrell fitted like a batton in the Albert Hall, and after just catching the microswitch, the whole switch broke in half! Gla
  14. Has any one tried any of the rail extensions as yet? I like the look of the Laylax rail extension, but not sure if they fit onto the SCAR H, has any one tried the PWS version, or is it not compatible? Later daze Lee
  15. Thanks, but I want to keep the origonal handguard so I can swap between them.
  16. So at the risk of annoying the die hard Nam players, has anyone fitted the RAS kit to this? Bought the kit and although it doesn't come with any instructions, it seems that the 4 screws for the RAS hand guard are too small and the locking plate is too thick! Before I start modifying everything, any advice would be appreciated… Later daze Lee
  17. I have had both, I loved the MP7 and ran that as my main gun for ages. Have just sold it as I bought a G&P M7A1 and have kept the FPG. Accuracy and FPS is better on the MP7, but the FPG is alot of fun! Lee
  18. Just picked og these up, have read the whole thread, ut can't find any battery recomendations? I have some 7.4 Lipo stock tube batteries for my M7A1, but what does everyone recommend for the Stoner? Would an 11.4v 30C be (fun) overkill, or would it just wreck the gear box? Later daze Lee
  19. They are not that far from me. Both times I have visited their store in person. Alex was warm, welcoming and cheerful, very helpful and when I mentioned that I saw his add on Arnies, even gave me 10% off! Have visited with my wife both times and each time she has been welcomed, and felt part of the conversation. As someone above mentioned, this is how stuff should be done! Can't recommend him highly enough! Just wish I had more money to spend there! Later daze. Lee
  20. Hey guys Thought I would throw this one open to the brain trust! Did my usual after skirmish strip down and cleaning (remove bolt, clean insides and barrel), last night I went to clean the mags and was playing around with the MP7 and have notices that the fire selector is now alot harder to switch between positions. Semi to Auto is ok, but Safe to semi takes quite a bit of a push to switch to semi. I am sure that is something simple, but thought I would check before I cause permanent damage! Later daze Lee
  21. For a sling, I use one of the Magpul PTS slings, attached to one of these http://shop.ehobbyasia.com/accessories/sli...-ksc-mp7a1.html Only problem is that the sling connection uses the upper bolt, and screws into this, so the quick take down doesn't work anymore! The sling I use is this one: http://shop.ehobbyasia.com/combat-gears/sl...ling-black.html I used a spare split ring from a grenade for the front sling mount for when I convert the sling to two point to sling behind my back. Later daze Lee
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