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  1. Arrrrrrg why are HSGI Taco pouches out of stock everywhere ?!?!?

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    2. danielsilva


      Naw i was just looking at the US shops i regularly use, just found somewhere else. 4 HSGI Double Decker TACO's comin in from Triad Tac. I really wanted to buy from SKD Tac as they also have the TT Removable Operator Pack i want :(

    3. TheFull9


      SKD certainly sell out of stuff fast. Probably not helped by the 10% off everything sale they had yesterday. That and the fact they are mega-1337-awesome.

    4. danielsilva


      Yeah that's another reason why i wanted to buy there. Spending $200 on only 4 pouches is hard to justify unless you're a geardo or stupid like me :P

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