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  1. Well i guess i'll just have to find out myself about it.
  2. I am building it around an AABB carbine kit with a larger inner barrel ( covered by a silencer ), so the size of the mags doesn't really hinder movements that much. I was just wondering how bad on efficiency they were.
  3. I do believe that it is identical to the new open bolt m4, it work won't with the new type firing pin but you can still use the old one if you use both old type valve delayer and firing pin.
  4. As anyone been using this with the 50 round mags ? I'm thinking of turning this into my CQB primary but am wondering how many shots does one gas fill last ??
  5. I would believe it if this would be the case throughout the entire range but some models work pretty well ootb ( WE M4/M16 OB, G36 ), others need just a few pieces ( one piece trigger cage/M14, extra buffers/hingle plate|SCAR ) and others are almost complete failure ( AK, PDW ) ...
  6. *looking at the WE XM177 on the Airsoft Taiwan Shop* $78 usd ... lolwhut ?

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    2. WhiteHawksan


      they said it was a pricing mistake on the website, and they've offered me a full refund, I might see if I can get them to ship it anyway :P

    3. danielsilva


      Thought so ... too sweet of a deal.

    4. WhiteHawksan


      Thing is, they are legally bound to send it to me now, as they accepted payment and confirmed the order :P

  7. I would say that if you're a conservative player using co2 might be beneficial but if you play use other very short and spaced bursts, imho its not worth it. Last year or so I went to a game in the Czech Republic and took my CB WE M4 with me, since it was cold there ( -5 at one point ) I tried to use my co2 mags but after a few hours I had to switch to propane cause the low temps and high humidity kept freezing everything, at one point I had to hammer down the carrier forward since the water froze from the co2 and the carrier got stuck. The co2 mags are more maintenance free but if you
  8. Why don't you put some chalk ( or something that rubs off easily ) on the mag, insert and remove and then see where is it rubbing. You didnt answered that last question though, does the mag enter freely if you separate the lower from the upper ?
  9. There's no difference in terms of blowback/recoil/cycling, the VN mags do behave better in terms of showing cooldown though and even when completely frozen they still function without spilling all the gas they have. The downsides are gas capacity and they will get too cold if you reload them more than 2/3 times. Regarding the pouches i just use regular pouches and stuff something in the bottom to make some height.
  10. First of all, sorry for the very bad picture ! I'll post better pictures when the M203 and BUIS get's home.
  11. I've had to re-fit everything more than one time on replicas that came from RAT, not complaining though ... more work and thus € for me !
  12. My usual setup ( unless i'm playin' CQB/MOUT ), * Not pictured : - Propper MARPAT Trousers - TruSpec Combat Shirt MARPAT - Under Armour undershirt - Oakley Assault SI 8'' Boots
  13. Great photos, those tactical snickers ruin the bottom pic a bit though.
  14. And then spend a whole day filling down Ra-Tech parts to fit them ....
  15. This is actually pretty easy to fix
  16. I prefer using a magic pin to solve that btw
  17. That's pretty much it. You can cover up the painted areas during and in the game area but they need to be visible when transporting ( when they're stored in bags ) and at home. Brilliant logic heh ?
  18. A bit late but for future reference. If you carefully stick a screwdriver in there and push down the hammer, you can wiggle out the carrier and push it forward. I've done this a couple of times when people removed the buffer/spring/spacer to clean things out or change the buffer tube and then forget to put the spacer back in. Pretty easy if your patient enough jkpics beat me to it .... :|
  19. Yeah thought that was the case and after a few minutes i got the hang of it and understood the jargon. Althought sometimes i tune in to the BBC or Sky One and see them teenagers speak on the news and need to search teh interwebs and decipher what the hell they were talking about, unfortunately sometimes i have to do the same while watching our own national news ....
  20. - WAS Riggers Belt - ATS War Belt - HSGI Double Decker "TACO" - BULLE Dump Pouch ( waiting for the TT Roll-Up Dump Bag to get home ) - WAS Utility Pouch - TT Double .338 Pouch ( holds a couple of AI GasCans pretty good ) - DYTAC P226 Holster in Dirty Tan - TMC Multicam Drop Leg Platform ( pretty nicely made considering the price actually ) - 2 TMC "TACOs" ( they are ###### btw ... ) waiting for the TT 2rd M203 Grenade Pouches to arrive to be removed. Also have some Emdom-MM Battle Suspenders when things get too heavy to go with it.
  21. Ask Magpul to make you a tactical tampon ... Anyway not much of a rant but ... Just finished watching Attack the Block, do you REALLY talk like that ?!?! My English isn't perfect but i was watching that thing and after 10 mins i was still trying to decide if i had downlo.... bought the movie with the right sound track or i had some kind of Russian bootleg. Dang bruv!
  22. Well if you buy ACM ones that figure is pretty much spot on. I could go right now at the store and buy a CYMA AK47 for 85€/~$120 with mag, charger and battery.
  23. So another fluke from WE heh ? It seems they have a 1 good product for every 5 bad ones, too bad i kinda looked forward for this one ...
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