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  1. Ask Magpul to make you a tactical tampon ... Anyway not much of a rant but ... Just finished watching Attack the Block, do you REALLY talk like that ?!?! My English isn't perfect but i was watching that thing and after 10 mins i was still trying to decide if i had downlo.... bought the movie with the right sound track or i had some kind of Russian bootleg. Dang bruv!
  2. Well if you buy ACM ones that figure is pretty much spot on. I could go right now at the store and buy a CYMA AK47 for 85€/~$120 with mag, charger and battery.
  3. So another fluke from WE heh ? It seems they have a 1 good product for every 5 bad ones, too bad i kinda looked forward for this one ...
  4. Since i couldn't do airsoft since early August, my newest or old flame hobby Still a work in progress !
  5. Oh! Hai guyz ! *makes owl face*

  6. I usually just use a small jewellers screw driver, it's usually small enough to get those suckers out.
  7. Rant: Not being able to come here or play airsoft for the last couple of months .... goddam recession making me work overtime ...
  8. Seriously ... sometimes i wish there was somekind of riot around here so i could go and loot our police forces offices. Just the other day i was criticising the British forces for being so lenient but now i don't know what's worse, that or the fact that the brother of a friend of mine was assaulted, beaten and robbed by 4 police officers WHILE ON DUTY. I mean wtf ?!?
  9. Ahhh snap .. i so had a cool story about a chick i met but can't tell it, PG13 and all that you know *HINT: It wasn't her room that smelled .... Now for the rant, Paypal is run by monkeys and incredibility dumb ones to boot. Their support centre solution to problems appears to be flinging poo at you.
  10. Ahh teh thread is dead ... my rants for today, installing the malice clips onto the HSGI TACO pouches ... these little *fruitcage*ers are tight ! I ended up with my fingers completely f-upped in the end. Another rant, was installing/configuring a new distro on my laptop at the same time i was doing some work ( which coincidentally also involved configuring/installing a distro ) on a VM, since i didn't want to have the laptop wasting precious desk space while it was installing i decided to do things through SSH. Unfortunately i mixed up the consoles and was mixing everything up Yeeey a

    1. TheFull9


      It's the sacrifice you make for such a brilliant pouch. They do no't move *anywhere* once you've got 'em on there on the plus side.

    2. Bando


      with a name like malice clip what made you think it would be easy? although i love them on my TT pouches.

    3. danielsilva


      It's more of a problem with the TACOs, they're more tight than a vir...*ahem*

      You get the point ...

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  12. F***ING HATE PAYPAL !!

    1. aznriptide859


      I like it...but that's only because I have Paypal Advantage lol.

    2. danielsilva


      That "you have been randomly selected for security whatever" is damn annoying, and how can i get "randomly" select 4 times in a row ?!? And now i have pending payment because of that bull****

    3. tinydata


      something probably flagged their anti-gun filter. Damn liberals

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  13. What's with all the The Lonely Island references on the Status Update panel these days ?

    1. faramon


      I will punch you in the jeans

    2. bulmedius


      This isn't my dad, this is my cell phone...

    3. l96ninja


      Why does everyone make fun of my pants? They're just pants, why not give them a chance?

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  14. G&P makes both black and tan EOLADs I believe.
  15. So you have a pool but don't have a tan ? You must use quite the high rated sun blocker
  16. Just wear and tear, after a while the rubber seal will fit fine. I usually just make sure the seal is well lubricated. But its weird that you're getting less ROF, my OB had a higher ROF than my CB guns ... Have you only used co2 ?
  17. Just use TACOs dude, i love mine and i don't even like mexican food
  18. Yup that's it, http://tw.myblog.yahoo.com/frogman-myblog/article?mid=10305
  19. Arrrrrrg why are HSGI Taco pouches out of stock everywhere ?!?!?

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    2. TheFull9


      Could be worse. If you'd gone for EI you'd have only got a single pistol pouch for that money.

    3. danielsilva


      Or i could get 1/5th of some AOR1 pants ...

    4. Extraordinaire


      DesertFox was selling some.

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  20. danielsilva

    KJW M4

    Those numbers are a bit misleading as I tested my 2 bottles of Guarder power up gas and although they did have higher pressures, they aren't anywhere close the numbers they give. More around the 150 psi mark at room temp ( 24 degrees ) so careful when using propylene.
  21. danielsilva

    KJW M4

    Well if the temperatures there are anything like around here, during the summer we usually have 35~40+ºC, MAPP really isn't a choice ... for giggles we tried running some MAPP on my KJW P226 on a hot day ( surprisingly the mag held the gas ) and we almost got hit in the faces with the slide that went flying out of the gun
  22. A darker base layer and that would look awesome with some flecktarn
  23. danielsilva

    KJW M4

    That's MAPP and it's quite a bit more powerful than propane, careful though ... at room temperature the thing can have over 200psi in pressure ( depending on brand ). I have this at home but only use it in winter when the temperatures are relatively low/safe to use it and the WE M14 already has quite the kick already anyways So i seriously discourage people on using it during the summer since it can cause the dreaded "flying parts everywhere" syndrome
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