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  1. Freaking hell ... its 6am and its already 24C outside ...

    1. StarMonkee


      I wish it was like that here. Its 6:09am and its freaking cold :<

    2. FireKnife


      Lucky *bramston pickle*, it is all of 10 degrees here.

    3. danielsilva


      Yes yes, i'm in GBB heaven !

  2. Just got my Pre-Order of Sanctum and Portal 2. My game collection yet again gets bigger :D Viva La Steam ;)

  3. TM PX4 or KWA KMP9 ?!?!

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    2. danielsilva


      After a bit more research i can't say i'm very impressed with the MP9 on the accu department :(

      It seems that for woodland even the PX4 looks better ..

    3. Reppyboyo


      I was using my MP9 in woodland today, no issues.

    4. steaktipz
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  4. Just re-watched Avatar. Michelle Rodriguez B's are still the only thing worth watching though ...

  5. Ahhh just realized that RA-Tech sent me a temp tattoo with the order i made from them :D

  6. Just got a pair of gerbils, and they the cutest little *suitcases*

    1. L4byr1nth


      'Gz on the gerbil purchase!



  7. Why does my WE be so damn efficient ... Running it at 6bar and it's still shooting 450fps <.<

    1. gijohn2
    2. FireKnife


      For once a WE is bad for doing 'good' :P

    3. danielsilva


      And it's running a damn small Prometheus 247mm TB -_-

      Can't lover the pressure much more than this or the recoil get's "weak". Gonna have to make some steel spacers for it.

  8. New Season of Futurama ... F YEAH!

    1. faramon


      is it season 6.5?

  9. God Bless Mr. Jack Daniel's

    1. FireKnife


      And his magical brown liquid. Odd that i say that being a teetotaler. :P

    2. Leshy


      When you have known him as long as me you will soon refer to him a Jim!! lol

    3. danielsilva



      A teet ...what ?

  10. I HATE ZOMBIES ... there i said it.

    1. zombe minge

      zombe minge

      mmmm brrrains great on toast


    2. FireKnife


      Well i have my 1911's and my extra high power .45's lets go make sure undead dead.

    3. renegadecow


      Of course you hate zombies. Everyone does. It's blasting their heads off that everyone loves.

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  11. Watching Hot Fuzz ... again! Can't get enough of this film.

    1. aznriptide859


      Awesome movie, love all of Simon Pegg's films :)

    2. danielsilva


      Eheh Shaun of the Dead is next on the list :P

    3. FireKnife


      Watched Spaced, all of it, now!

  12. It's raining like hell ... time to play airsoft!!

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