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  1. Yeah my small King Arms did the same but my Gemtech G5 suppresses the sound REALLY good, can't say for sure but it seems to reduce the sound print by half. Surefire does have a suppressor line, http://www.surefire.com/RifleCarbineSuppressors , but i don't find them really that attractive though. Anyway you're talking about part #78 right ? I might try that but i think my problem is actually the opposite .. the bolt catch is quite limp already
  2. So i received my WE M4 GBB today, it's a V1 so it's shooting waaay hot in the 500/550fps range. Anyway the bolt doesn't lock back when the mag runs out of bb's, the little sliding button on the mag is correct but the bolt just keeps going, and i can lock the bolt back manually. Everything cicles smoothly its just that the bolt never locks back when there's no bb's left. Any pointers ?
  3. Can't speak about the WE M4 since mine haven't arrived yet, but what i've learned from my AW338 is that the performance of suppressor largely depends on which one you use and his relative position on the inner barrel. Initially i had a small suppressor mounted in a way that the end of the inner barrel was at the tip ( entrance ) of the suppressor and i found that the sound was not only still there it was actually making the sound worse/louder. But then i fabricated a new adapter so that i could use standard AEG suppressors and, since it attached a bit further back in the outer barrel th
  4. Well adjustable power is already available for some time now for the WE, it's made by TS Customs. As for cheaper bodies, i saw this one http://www.redwolfairsoft.com/redwolf/airs...il?prodID=27382 while browsing their catalog. Does this mean that complete bodies or at least the upper receiver for the PTW is compatible with the WE ?
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