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  1. Sriously ... who buys that stuff ?!?!?
  2. New rant or *facepalm* moment ... So i'm selling my RS EOTech 551 and i receive a PM from someone on a Portuguese board basically asking me this "lol! why are you selling it so expensive ?!? i can get one ( an eotech ) for like, 70€ ...."
  3. Well as soon as you said that you found a female version of you, i totally lost faith on finding a pretty britt woman
  4. Just kidding. Why would i mingle with your Brits anyway ... you don't have pretty females after all
  5. Although not needed ootb i highly recommend buying the complete trigger pack from RAT, it is aweshum !
  6. Just made more than 1k€ selling unused airsoft stuffs. Now what cr** to buy next ?

    1. Reppyboyo


      Another WE M14?

    2. TheFull9


      What general area of stuff are you thinking of? Lots of cheaper stuff, or are we talking an SR-25 with gold-plated DD RIS II?

    3. danielsilva


      Hmmm now where talking ! Gonna gold plate my M14 and make myself some diamong BB's for optimum accuracy !

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  7. Bit offtopic but where fif you get your grooved inner barrel ? Can't find it on the ehobby shop ? Did you order it directly from Falcon ?
  8. And they do it pretty well too !
  9. ... is selling most of his airsoft stock ... *sniff*

    1. Reppyboyo
    2. FireKnife


      Yeah why? Got some girl pregnant?

    3. danielsilva


      Geez no ... at least i don't think so. I just have WAY too much stuff and need moneys to fund a new project.

  10. That's weird my M16 came without any orings and never lost its settings... don't see the point in having orings there tbh.
  11. OMG 330m/s ? Thats over 1000fps .. no wonder people use them for sniping J/k aside ... too bad i can't find the wood stock for it in Europe. I've been eyeballing this puppy since it came out
  12. danielsilva

    KJW M4

    Wonder if the new bolt will mean that no "old" parts will be available ...
  13. Just plinkered with one today. Unfortunately the plastics are not up to par with the WE and the recoil is unsatisfactory compared to the WE. I only did an indoor test so can't speak for longer ranges but i wasn't very impressed considering that it was 50€ more expensive than the WE. But at least now people have choice and more competition is always good! Can't comment on full auto ( it came from a German shop ) nor cooldown ( it's frakin 40ºC around here ). The video is from a german so semi is all they have/allowed to have
  14. I just managed to install a brand new nozzle assembly and ... still no full auto I'm now seriously stumped to why this is happening
  15. And i like how in the end, when in slow mo you can see a bit of plastic shooting out of the ejection port. Nice touch
  16. Yeeeey for 40ºC weather and skimpy clothes !

    1. danielsilva


      I am ! Even with this huge a** beard i have at the moment :P

    2. FireKnife


      You can make any beard look a gay beard though :P

    3. renegadecow


      *sigh* being asian, I can only do a Fu Manchu for facial hair.

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  17. I've used epoxy with success, just make sure you really clean the parts first. In case you've noticed it too late and the hole is already damaged, unless it's damaged beyond repair, you might try to counterbore it so that the epoxy fills everything and "wraps" around the pin.
  18. Yeah i've noticed that too, sort of, you might want to check if your mags are "m4 spec" or "scar spec". The ones made for the SCAR sit a tiny bit higher than the M4 ones because they had an oring beneath the seal. I forgot about this when i was installing the conversion kits and just noticed it when i began to see "slam" marks on the feeding lips, they were getting slammed against the hopup unit when the carrier was hitting the mag.
  19. I ordered a couple of extra nozzles and they left customs today but tomorrow is national holiday here so won't be able to test them until next Friday, let's hope that it fixes my auto issue ... although i'm still trying a few ideas of mine on the original nozzle. The carrier is still being dinged up but after filing it down and giving it a less steep mating angle the "dinging" is much more controlled. I'll still be modding mine though and will bore out the rear section of the carrier and refill it with two custom made "weights" made of aluminium and steel, will also remove material from t
  20. I always take WE "official" release dates with a grain of salt ....
  21. Cookies. That is all.

    1. DarkMM


      Clear your mind young Fireknife, the image will come :)

    2. FireKnife


      Hehe, come, :P

      (in regards to what i was previously thinking of, yeah you can guess the rest).

    3. scorch


      Damn, now I'm gonna have to walk round the Tesco and get cookies. :(

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  22. Yes like i said in the M16VN thread, my inner barrel was REALLY wobbly and was literally freely rotating in the hopup unit causing inconsistencies ( and i know at least another user on GGi that experienced the same). Now that you mention it, i did have that problem but the issue was so easy to fix that i actually completely forgot about it I just took the thing down and wrapped the inner barrel in teflon tape. The inner barrel is now tight and snugly and the inconsistency went completely away
  23. Apart from my full auto failing to work, the hopup is really precise. No flyers or inconsistencies in spin.
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