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  1. It is supposed to be a tight fit and provide a good seal. If the nozzle isn't retracting fully or has difficulty to do so it's a sign that you need to clean and lub the guiding rails and lub the o-ring.
  2. Well you *could* use the original trigger and just mod it, reinforcing the part of the trigger that engages the hammer. That's what some people ( me included ) was doing back in the day where such aftermarket solutions didnt exist. See the following post to understand what i'm talking about, http://www.arniesairsoft.co.uk/forums/index.php?showtopic=170736&st=6360 ( just scroll down until you see the post i'm talking about ).
  3. Well that sucks ... I'm just spoiled since i always have a thousand extra parts laying around and can substitute them to see where the problem comes from. Don't you know someone who also has a WE G36 and ask him to quickly swap receivers ?
  4. Just bought a WE M16VN ... Let's hope it arrives soon *crosses fingers*

    1. danielsilva


      That's the idea. I'll make a review and compare it to the old AWSS system ;)

    2. tinydata


      if its good enough, I might have to jump back into GBB AR-15s


      damn you, WE

    3. danielsilva


      Well i expect the M4 to be at least as accurate as my M14 and if the trigger group is the same as the old system, i already have bomb proofs part laying around. I have high expectations for it.

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  5. Well if it were me i would install all the original parts, if you have them, and see if the problems go away. Them substitute one by one and till you pinpoint the problem ( i would try the firing pin base first ). It's a tedious job but when i don't know the cause of a problem it's what i do, it usually does the trick. Royal pain the *albartroth* though
  6. Regarding the trigger group, you either stick to original parts or you buy the complete set made out of steel from the get go, mixing potmetal and steel parts ( even the mild steel that ra-tech uses ) will just lead to fatal failure. I might be missing something but i don't see how the trigger group could influence that massive drop in power ... I would give the G36 a good disassembly and check all important parts if i were you, like nozzle ( does it moves freely and smoothly ? ), floating valve and it's spring, hopup unit, how the carrier is moving ( freely and smoothly ? ). Last time
  7. Doing maintnance on his guns.

    1. renegadecow


      Doing maintenance on my guns as well

      *kisses biceps

    2. danielsilva


      Ahh i wasn't talking about THOSE guns ...

  8. My teammate played with his G39 in near 0c and the gun performed flawlessly and there are many players who can attest that and even lower temperatures. And I don't even see how is possible to have chopped BB's when most if not all parts who interface with the BB's are made of plastic, unless you're using VERY brittle bb's.
  9. Hmmm where did you get the that single only selector ?
  10. Push it and see if it snaps back to position, if not you either have the firing pin base getting stuck.
  11. I was a bit wary of how it would turn out but I actually quite like it. Not only that but I was surprised how much difference a simple VFG made ... With the short barrel and the VFG, I can handle the M14 beautifully.
  12. Was thinking the same thing ... Shouldn't you switch the stocks ?
  13. ... is sweating like a pig.

    1. renegadecow


      At least you're still able to. I've run out of sweat long ago.

    2. danielsilva


      Fortunately i don't like in a tropical climate like you :P

      But our winters are worse than yours so it levels out in the end ;)

  14. Maybe the firing pin isn't smooth and is catching the release valve, not going to the "up position" fully when you put the mag on before cocking it ? If this was a M4 i would tell you to put the mag into the magwell with the receivers open to see if the firing pin is being fully depressed but being a G36 this isn't really possible
  15. First of all sorry for teh crappy photo quality
  16. Wrong bikini set mate http://www.ebairsoft.com/weekend-worrior-camo-swimming-suit-p-4411.html
  17. I dress up as Pacman and run down the road shouting WAKA WAKA WAKA. BTW in those camo bikini photos ... why does the bicycle on the background has MOLLE panels ?!? I actually kinda want that
  18. By You i wasn't meaning the English people in general but rather you lot. I didn't knew that Kebabs were a typical English food Now ... paranoiddroid do you already own one of these ? http://www.ebairsoft.com/weekend-worrior-camo-bikini-p-4410.html http://www.ebairsoft.com/weekend-worrior-camo-swimming-suit-p-4411.html
  19. Why are you lot so fond of kebabs ? Can't get myself to like that ###### ...
  20. I had to do some reparing near a catalytic woven with this heat ... it was over 50c there Wait ... you live in the US now ?
  21. And cheaper ! What is the correct size, 7mm ?
  22. What does H&S stand for anyway ? Health and Security ? When you brits say H&S my head always replaces the word with "Head and Shoulders", which of course ends confusing me It's always really hot out here ... It's 22h and i have 27º here in my room.
  23. You don't have weather ... you have rain.
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