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    Pistols: Tokyo Marui Detonics Combat Master, LS M9 Sport Carbine, Custom Build Hicapa, KSC P226R, TM P226
    Shotguns: Double Eagle M56A, Maruzen CA870, TM M870 Police, PPS XM26
    AEGs: none, yay!
    GBBRs: GHK KAC PDW, KJW 10/22, WellxGBBhungary OTs-14 Groza, WE AK74UN, GHKxRAT M4, KSC M11A1

    Owned/repaired: AGM M4A1 RIS, WE G39, WE M4A1, WE SCAR-L, WE SCAR-H, WE PDW, WE M14, G&P WOC, G&P WOK, KSC M4A1, GHK M4s, GHK AKs, GHK AMD-65, TM-WE-KJ-ACM 3.8-4.3-5.1, TM-WE-KJ-Bell 1911-MEU, KSC-Faclon USPs, KSC-KWG M9s, TM-Bell-HFC M9, KSC P226R, KSC SigPro 2340, APS ACPs, WE G17-G18c, TM-SY P226, KSC-JG G18
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