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  1. Yeee, that thing I made is cooler than I will ever be! I'm actually really pleased with how that came out, the milliput and the graphite bluing both worked really well So yea happy others like it too. Sorry to hear about the medical stuff, hope there's some light in the tunnel for you soon 😕
  2. Springs of different lengths are very common in airsoft, they have different performance characteristics in terms of the forces to compress, and the resultant release(fps). So long as the spring doesn't coilbind when the AEG cycles, then the system works, and it should, then there's no issue. Which piece is your extra piece, I see nothing from the hop in your picture.
  3. A properly fitted metal outer barrel will not damage or wear the slide any more than a plastic one. For as long as I remember all the metal slides, or any metal external downgrade part will cost a lot of money, generally speaking they are short production runs using more expensive manufacturing techniques (machining instead of injection moulding) You might get lucky and find one second hand for a reasonable price, otherwise it's a limited market unfortunately.
  4. " I still literally have no idea whatsoever what a MOSFET really is despite googling " A mosfet is an electronic component that acts as a bypass to the physical switch. A normal AEG circuit is battery, switch, motor A FET can be imagined as two circuits, battery, fet, motor and then fet, switch. Your control circuit has the physical switch so when you pull the trigger, the fet is connected and the main circuit is activated. The reason for the bypass is that physical switches are pretty fragile, arcing burns them out, especially when you dump higher voltages and currents
  5. A fellow 'werkzer, nice :D. Electrowerkz closed in 08, Janno tried to get another site setup in london but nothing really stuck (some great games happened in some interesting places though :D)
  6. I thought you said PIAT and got excited...
  7. Video Name : Do tac gloves affect shooting? Objective item(s) : Testing if wearing gloves affects the ergonomics of pistol shooting Weapon(s) :TM 1911a1 Video Length : 20min
  8. How about this brand new 'high performance' pistol.
  9. Or make it a single shot, but with the original magazine and blowback unit. (maybe take the feedlips off). Make an extractor and it might even eject properly. then you chuck in another shell and hit the slidelock.
  10. We're heading to the outpost on 12th may. y'all nerds welcome to join us. We'll see if 'Sentinel' are good game organisers.
  11. Anyone want to play within a handful of KM of Milton Keynes? Could get another meetup going.
  12. I didn't stop playing because I got old, I stopped playing because I don't have any friends to go anywhere with.
  13. I remember it well, it was July 9, 2006 when you joined (No I didn't look it up on your profile, what you talkin bout?) joined. one of 5 users. It's a start.
  14. Torchwood WAS mentioned in the first thread, repeatedly. Even a bunch of people made torchwood hicappas. Those were the days.
  15. I keep finding reference to the same one that seems to be discontinued. My 86 is basically dead until I find one or manage to make my own.
  16. The female is human, ya plebs. And yes, I do struggle with people so it was quite the accomplishment, for me, don't take that away.
  17. I finished my nerf flamer, spoke to an actual female, and my new job is working with robots. Coolness.
  18. I've had something in the post for over 3 months now, given up on it completely.
  19. Actually yes, you are correct there. The A1 had a few different mag release styles but when they introduced the A2 there was a metal piece welded to the outside to protect it. There are also variants of the trigger that changed over the years so you might find A1s with different triggers but all the A2s have the same later design trigger.
  20. The L86 has a longer barrel than the L85. The 'A2' refers to an upgrade to the real firarms that was mostly internal, the only feature on an airsoft gun that's different is the charing handle. I also have the ICS L86 and it's fantastic other than the hop, over the years that plastic arm has given me so many problems with range. I've been looking at a metal replacement, but havn't found one yet.
  21. This is ideal, a feature I've been looking forward to Thanks Arnie!
  22. It's possible. Very common for non-firing shots to be filmed with replicas, especially when filming the scene over multiple days they only need to hire the firearms safety guy for the blankfirers for one day.
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