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  1. Fixed TM will be bringing some 10 round mags (40BBs so i'm told) I just want them to hurry up and let me buy them!!
  2. My family of 1930s guns, I couldn't decide where to put it but there are two 1911s and two other colts in there so I decided to put it here. From the left: A derringer, probably a remington type 4 derringer in .41 rimfire, though no double derringer has a trigger guard like this. Its a £1 DAO springer that chronoes 30FPS. HFC NBB Colt 1908 vest pocket hammerless, .25ACP. Colt 1903 in .32ACP. Made from a BELL Tokarev full metal springer. TM Colt 1911 .45ACP. Colt 1911 machine pistol in .38 super. made from a BELL 1911. and finally Maruzens "Mad Max" shotgun (I wish it where the Hwasa
  3. "only a few minutes" is a very long time in a combat situation. You would have to send a fire team in with half the AUGs set up for left hand corners, the other half for right hand. HK was experimenting with a system that was literally a flick of a switch to change the direction of spent brass, you just had to make sure it was set the right way when you make ready or >.< ouch. Its just a shame HK decided against building bulpups or we'd have it by now.
  4. Still dosn't address the issue of lefties/firing round right hand corners . I guess thats what the shotgun is for.
  5. You really think that will stop them?
  6. The polymer body may become the A3. I think thats what he meant, I agree, it may work that way.
  7. I've just attached a complete tool kit to my rucksack. I carry this rucksack with me day to day so it's useful to have a complete tool kit. If it moves and it shouldn't, Gaffa tape (in the pouch) To free something that's stuck, a hammer (tucked in the loops)
  8. Quoted for total truth. I have always liked the sporting stocks for shotguns, but the separate pistol grip of the TM M3 is wonderfully ergonomic .
  9. This is why the M500 design is so horribly flawed. The firing mech is inside out so the gas pressure forces the mech open, rather than closed as is the case on every other gas gun in existence. Shame really as every other part of the design is great, though the magazine is a little fiddly .
  10. The only choice for reliable is the TM M3, go get one now. Marushin M500 has NO recoil. Marushin will work very well but you do need to take a lot of care for it, often replacing o-rings as they start leaking and so on.
  11. Who is AW? Just found it on redwolf, what a surprise they got the name wrong! Its like they don't even bother *sigh*. $400USD price in asia, makes for a £250-£300 gun. Not to bad.
  12. Thems a nice pair of gats. Just how a 1911 should look
  13. I agree, a (US) (UK) (World) marker would be great for all of the subforums .
  14. I'd pick the TM M3 every day of the week, it comes out of the box as the best CQB gun i have ever used, and still capable of competing in woodland. The m500s (I have a tercel 6mm 3shot) "can" be better, but require a hell of a lot of work first. You need to A. convince the thing to stop leaking, thats harder than it sounds as the firing valve was designed by a moron and its built inside out! then b. replace the barrel and give it hop, again more difficult than it sounds as it means custom cutting the barrel and fitting a hop rubber yourself.
  15. ¬.¬ Maby so, I've come close a few times, but havn't gone off yet. Just a few little things that I have ironed out, like making sure I drop back into first if I stop, and remembering to turn the petrol on/off :s.
  16. After a whole behind full of trouble getting hold of a helmet, . Riding for 3 months or so now, and i'm still alive so far.
  17. My CQB loadout. From the left: Two handgun mag pouches (4 1911 mags) Torch CQC 5.56 pouch for a speedloader and bottle of ammo.(500round speedloader and 1200round bottle) The empty space on the right will have a bottle of gas soon. Wyvern DPM holster modified to fit onto molle. That and a mask is all i need for the day, I rarely use more than 1700BBs in a CQB game, though i normally have a second can of gas in my bag.
  18. Yea, about 10 minutes after TM get round to releasing their 10 rounders, I'll own a few of them .
  19. You and your 10 round mags, *mutter mutter* Looks great though .
  20. What you quoted IS the guide, I've found nothing better. I'm planning to do a picture guide of the "wrong" way in a few weeks. Have a poke around some RS 1911 shooters forums, you should find the occasional mention of how modding the trigger and/or sear can make the gun go full auto. Its normally illegal to mod an RS to full auto so don't be asking too loud .
  21. Slugshot? Kinda defeats the whole "shotgun" ness of the thing . Depending on the size of the shells(thicness) you could cut a channel around the outside of the shell for a slightly larger o-ring, one part of the channel will go all the way through so a short section of the rubber is inside the shell (understand what i mean???) again, it would interfear with the hop and it would probably break the shells after too long (cheap plastic i assume)
  22. I've been wanting to make a taurus judge for over a year now, but i havn't got the skills to do so . There are also the philipino shot-pistols, Generally single barrel breachbreakers in the shape of all sorts of "normal" pistols guns to disguise them. In the firearms world, if you can imadgine it, it exists. Wether it is any good or not is a different story . There is an old mod to AEG hop units to stop the BBs dropping out when you change mag. It might help here. You drill a little hole in the side, cut up and o-ring and feed it in untill it just lightly touches the BBs then
  23. This means that RSOV has not accepted the payment from paypal yet. I would advise you to go to paypal and confirm that the money has gone from your paypal account. Next i would say that RSOV might be on holiday*, or are suffering massive backlog(as you'd expect over christmass). Check with RSOV, they have confirmed that you placed your order, they are just being slow. *RSOV have no mention of holidays on their website, they are normally good with putting up information like that. RSOV comes highly recomended, I have used them before and will use them again, but nothing is perfec
  24. You created a taurus judge (in function only) thats impressive. You could try to mount rubber o-rings inside the shells to hold the BBs in securley, something with a 6mm ID under some preassure. It would need a lot of trial and error though.
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