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    Academy SA80's

    ok then sorry for low quality photos, they are with a camra phone..... but that is good for dail-up users [edit] that is a blue light on a ris that i put on top of the grip... the ris is from a £9 springer MP5
  2. havoc for PM man you are a genious, this made me laugh half an hour.. one more thing or what am the best snack
  3. sorry did you call (first check the avatar) then gawp at this AND NO I AM NOT GIVING UP MY PLASTIC SLIDE
  4. its now called icesoft not airsoft make(freeze) your own ammo and crack up the insides, buy new gun, repeat
  5. if £100 is throw away money to you then it sucks to be anyone else
  6. IMPORTANT MESSAGE TO EVERYONE WHO ISNT VERY VERY EXPIERIENCED WITH MECHANICKS DONT EVER EVER TAKE YOU GUN APART you are garenteed to destroy your gun. i am a mildly expierienced mechanic and i will NEVER take the SA80 apart (not even the shell) because i know that when it goes back together again the live expectancy has halved. if youre getting an academy SA80 then leave it stock (like me) and use it in CQB, because me and my SA80 own like a train owns sheep. if you want a SA80 for woodland games then wait for a ICS SA80 or just dream on (like me)
  7. i have to say that i only went with airsoft scotland because they are the only place who sell the academy SA80 bad points they are only one shop, not specilising in internet sales so they can be a little disorganised they are not computerised and everything exept the orders themselves are trusted unto memory (and in my experience forgotten) good points when you e-mail/ phone them to ask them whats wrong, they allways get there in the end and for no extra cost. their site is sooooo funny (just read what they say about the TM .12g bbs, lolage in a bag) atm i am waiti
  8. i have another question that requires an experienced person(like hissing sid) to answer- no guesswork how do you apply lube to the gun, i have a spray can of silican based lube
  9. right, taken it to another game, this time they had a crono there so i can now tell you that my SA80 cronos at: 223.7fps with .20g bbs looks like you got the first version hissing sid my battery ran down at about 1000-1300 rounds (rough estimate) i am useing a 1300 mah battery the accuracy is actually not that bad i can hit targets at about 15yards on single shot( after 3-5 missed shots) i also knocked my flash hider and it broke is it possible to get a replacement?
  10. ahem the SUSAT is adjustable, the big winding wheel at the back and the screw alog the front side adjust elevation, its just that the scope os to S*** for that to be any use, the mags aree quoted as being 65 round but i squesed 67 in one and 68 in the other before they started pushing the sides apart (gaffa tape handy) frag the lo caps, get the high caps or modify the magwell and buy a box o star lo caps or a couple o TM high caps, just a shame you cant fit a c-mag on it
  11. right, lo guys i have beed watchong this thread for some time now, i got the academy SA80 as soon as i read the rievew (literally three days). and i have taken it to a game. stock. no upgrades. out of the box into the game. i went to electrowerks in london, this site is all indoor and so there are no long firelines so the low MV of the SA80 was not an issue, and it preformed comaendably. as with all the replies to this thread i must mention the downsides 1: i got shot right down the scope and the glass broke (i didnt even realise it was glass) i disasembled the scope quite eas
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