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  1. 0o0 Can I have one? They're awesome!
  2. You've just made that 3 times harder to shoot and load
  3. NonEx, what type of photography are you up to, you made your gun look like a 1/12 scale model :s.
  4. Mad Max (Generic) cosplay! The black blur in my hands is a Hudson Mad Max shotgun.
  5. Oh, I've had friends running stock glock an propane since they were released...Maybe he got lucky? I've also run my tm 1911 that way for years and years.(Although I admit that their 1911 is a stronger design.) :s maybe they can't handle it, weaker plastic as its a different colour, or just a different design of slide shape.
  6. ...The TM g17 can handle green gas...
  7. The short barrel is likely due to Japanese law, they have a very low power limit. Is there a ring on the outer barrel that matches the cut on the front of the inner? Might be for support.
  8. I'm not saying I have a 1911 problem, I'm just saying I'll buy a glock when they have a straight pull trigger rather than those rocky things every other gun out there has :s
  9. Gak sake that's cool! I have a bunch of 3d files for printing but I can't afford to have them printed. Do you have your own printer or do you use a service like shapways?
  10. Ahh, LPEG gearboxes, I remember those... I might even still have one somewhere...
  11. The "L85a2 AFV" is the L22A1. There is a lot of confusion over why the 'a2' upgraded SA80 AFV is called the L22a1 and not the L22a2 so ares didn't bother and just called it the L85 AFV. Typical of an airsoft company to mislabel a gun on the box, but it just serves to ADD to the confusion. The mid length carbine never got past the prototype phase, and as such never got a name.
  12. I'm personally interested in an L22a1, but only Ares made them and Ares don't make good guns. Actually WE don't make good guns either but they charge half the price of Ares.
  13. That is suitably impressive! How compatible is the WE to the ICS? What parts needed modification?
  14. It's to do with being able to strike a real primer and detonate it. The spring firing pins on this gun are to return the pins to the rearward position so it's got nothing to do with striking the primers (Actually it's a safety mechanism to STOP it from touching the primers.) However the falling hammers ARE still potentially capable of striking a real primer.... not that it's hard to strike a primer, you just need a nail or pin with a gentle tap. [edit- 3 pony avatars in a row, go bronies (\ /) ]
  15. My word that is AWESOME! Madbull shells? What kind of FPS/range are you getting with them? Get your tweed jacket and flat cap now!
  16. You ain't wrong there... my head gets cold now...
  17. It's shaved, my cheek stubble is longer in this picture than my hair is.
  18. I'm pretty sure you can narrow the search field, although it's a little bit of a hasstle.
  19. How long until someone gets a "horn" kill instead of a knife kill? Need a party cannon patch.
  20. Roll up, roll up, the let's-all-gang-up-and-make-fun-of-ED-SKaR-thread is now open for business.
  21. You try taking a photo of something 6mm wide with a phone camera... ... Not all of us can be rich and own an SLR ¬.¬
  22. It's a BB. It's a BB that was shot at a metal target and the impact point crushed to a flat surface that kinda looks like the death star so there is a star wars referance.
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