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  1. But you're also bang killing players who ARE pointing their guns at you... It's a very different style of play from what I'm use to, if you enjoy it then great, I wouldn't.
  2. Bang kills in CQB make me cry more than the blanket semi auto BS that seems to be in vogue in the UK. And I use a shotgun!
  3. This thread is back? This thread deserves to live!
  4. Supposedly loaded with slugs not buckshot making it slightly less of a shotgun and slightly more of a volley gun. ... Someone make me a knock volley gun, a South Essex 95th rifles jacket and an Irish accent.
  5. fixed. I'd love a full sized U/O browning, with all the engraving and nicely finished wood. I'd even accept using maruzen shells with that, as it's only 2 at a time. ... ... Or a Chiappa triple threat..
  6. I'd take a picture of my phone, but my camera is also my phone. Wristwatches are obsolete.
  7. Your links are broken (for mobile site only) so here are the links for those of us on desktop/laptop: Good vids btw.
  8. I've been trying to sell on my MMC SA80 for some time now. But Arnies isn't the place for classics anymore, and the old websites for classics seem to have gone. What's the best place to sell a classic these days? Anyone got any contacts?
  9. Madbull are supposed to be the best shells for the Tanaka shotgun.
  10. The reason to get a mosfet is that when the trigger contacts meet they can ark when you are using a higher discharge battery, this will damage and eventually melt the contacts (I've done this with 9.6 nicad batteries) the MOSFET uses a low voltage control circuit over the original contacts, and uses an electronic switch on the main voltage. ICS trigger contacts spring together, given how the trigger unit works, so arking is less of an issue. I've been running 7.4v lipo for a while in my L86, I've not yet got round to installing the FET I have for it.
  11. Then you have another issue, go fix it. What is the problem with it? I have to say that the only issue I've had with the trigger mech is the little plastic tab that breaks so you only get full auto.
  12. That's a really odd way of doing it, every time you have to take the gun apart you'll have to play with disconnecting wires. I added a mini deans connector just by the motor so that I don't have to pull the motor tabs of every time I want to open the gun (I'll admit that is a design flaw) Any time the trigger contacts are connected, the circuit is made across the contacts in the upper receiver, anywhere you'd put contacts inside the trigger mech, you should just put them in the upper receiver. Why would you intentionally make your life harder than it needs to be?
  13. Then you havn't understood how it works. Mine has a mosfet, albeit a simple one, and works perfectly. You wire the control circuit of the mosfet to the electrical contacts in the upper reciever, you don't go anywhere near the lower reciever/trigger mech,
  14. ICS is pretty much the best airsoft SA80 in existance. gearbox comes out with no tools and all the parts have correct tolerances and no fiddly bits that fall out when you open the case.
  15. On a side note, where's my avatar *goes to fix avatar*
  16. Well looks like I was mistaken then, it must be another forum that does that.... or I just do it automatically and havn't realised...
  17. I'm pretty sure that the tags automatically change to tags when a post is quoted... or is that a setting I have on?
  18. The internet, poking fun at my spelling mistakes since forever.
  19. On a related but also not related note. Is there any way of having Proof of Defence matched up with a forum profile? Be it UKARA, UKAPA, UKAB, Skirmish diary, game site membership, or anything else? Now that I've said that, I'm not sure how it would work, or how practical it would be... Discus.
  20. I like the current limit, as it does protect us as it's supposed to. However, it must be said that the crew behind ArniesAwesomeSoft support that. If we were to remove the restriction and do sales a different way, I'm sure the Arnies crew would continue to support the new version and it would still be great. Maybe I'm naive... OK so I'm naive, but I'd be open to the change, and hope it would bring some numbers back to this website.
  21. Why not just do away with the grip weights? when I fitted wood grips I just threw them on and threw away the origonal plastic grips and grip weights.
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