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  1. No worse than a metal slide, in fact a lot lighter I imagine.
  2. o.o beautifull... Info NOW!
  3. I just dug out my HFC super 9 if that's even worth taking a photo of...
  4. OF THE classic airsoft guns I've had, they all range from terribly impractical to woefully unskirmishable. I pretty much only want to own guns that I can skirmish with, but I don't like selling on guns that don't function . That said, I've never owned a BV gun, probably the best of the external gas guns. The academy SA80 puts out 150FPS with no hop or LRB and my hudson double barrel leaks gas from the shells so badly it can barely shoot, plus I only have two shells and that makes it so impractical. The maruzen pistol uzi on the other hand are pretty good, rudimentry fixed hop that
  5. Bad Airsofter ED *Owns awesome classic airsoft gun* *Takes it to a muddy field and rolls around the floor with it*
  6. May just quickly post my Satie family: MGC L85A1 (fitted with iron sights) Academy L85A1 (fitted with acog and RS maglight) ICS L86A2 (bit modern for this thread, so just ignore that one mkay) The MMC functions well on full auto, but the trigger mech really doesn't like semi for some reason. More so, I can't get the right pressure for the gun to function, my palmers unit only goes down to 50PSI and at that pressure it fills really slowly so the gun only fires 2-3 rounds then has to wait for a few seconds for more gas to flow. I think I need a double regulator system
  7. I'm receving notifications just fine. It's when I send, notifications don't appear to the user I'm sending the message to. User "migel" didn't get an email notification on one message, and "AceOfSkulls" isn't getting email or forum header notifications on several messages now.
  8. I've not realised any PMs that I've missed, but there seems to be a few messagesthat I've sent that don't give the notification that there is a new message, leading to me waiting a long time for replies. Either that or nobody want's to talk to me .
  9. *Puts on jobsworth voice* "Excuuuse me, but please allow me to direct you to the 'Axes and halbeards' Picture thread *link* "
  10. Awww.... ... ...Make me one. Seriously nice work though, I really want it
  11. What is the RIS block you've used to replace the origonal grip. I've just picked up an aug with a broken front grip so I was planning on doing the same, but I can't find any RIS blocks like that. Thanks.
  12. Are the materials the usual TM? Plastic fame and slide with metal controls?
  13. WANTWANTWANTWANT The rattle in the shell tube: The springer tri shots, both the SPAS and the full lenght M3 had space in the front of the shell tube to store spare shells. I've no idea why TM did it that way, as it takes forever to get them out to do a reload, and there is no point having a seperate space on the gun to store one shell BUT, could this rattle come from the same thing(My M3 long shell tube has a spring to push the shell out into your hand so it doesn't get stuck) As for the gas, I wonder if there is anything in the gun that would suffer when using green gas!??! Gi
  14. I HELPED!! There's like a whole 2 seconds of my footage in there *celebrates*
  15. KFC hand wipe makes it.
  16. TM or not TM that is the question! The answer is TM. Always TM! More reliable, better built, good quality construction. Millions of upgrade parts if you really need to change them. Mine has been 95% stock since I got it and has been through 30k rounds on green gas with only one fault. I upgraded the plastic slide and frame with the plastic slide and frame from someone elses TM 1911 when they went mental and put a metal slide and frame on theirs!
  17. MMC L85a1, Academy L85a1 and an ICS L86a2. And yes I really really want an L22a1
  18. Impossible to call, they are VERY different sites, like comparing a bugatti veyron and a cruise liner.
  19. Review of game site “Special Ops Airsoft” in Milton Keynes. http://www.specialopsairsoft.co.uk/ TL;DR version “Small, Fast paced, very up close and personal gunplay, but you have to use their bio BBs. Worth at least one visit.” I was very much surprised when I first heard of an airsoft site opening inside Milton Keynes, there aren’t many airsoft sites in major cities and towns, most of them reside ‘near’ a town or in some wooded area tucked out of public view. This site, however, is very much inside town limits and is on land used for laser tag, orienteering and youth outdoor activ
  20. Wild card, I have some footage you can have to bung in that video.... it's not very good and you'll have to remove the audio as the mike in my camera is pathetically bad. Aaaannndd the battery ran out almost immediatlty after i started filming so it's all of 40-50 seconds of usable footage. You can have it when I get the picture of me. I want the raw image, not to rip it out of a video!
  21. Carvey Bacon: https://www.dropbox.com/s/hmmfjkfvx7ybbta/2012-12-09%2015.05.57.jpg Trigger Happy Steve(With added tactical photobombing Fireknife shaped blur): https://www.dropbox.com/s/etd2mrpfr1loz9m/2012-12-09%2009.17.31.jpg And random photoshoot during mission breefing cus they take so long featuring Fireknife and Amateurstuntman. https://www.dropbox.com/s/qkkf255l5duscn9/2012-12-09%2013.43.27.jpg
  22. That's like posting a M11 on an Uzi thread.
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