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  1. That is actually briliant. Any chance of a side shot?
  2. Its Fireknife, he only buys proper airsoft 1911s, so it'll be a TM. No idea about the comp though.
  3. You might be better off fitting the M4s90 parts to the m500, the reason why TM only ever made SPAS and M3 shotties is that their tri-shot system is very wide, and the m870/ithica/mossberg shotguns are all too thin. Now, see what I'd like is a G-SBB* M4s90 that does not eject shells. I've most of a design plummed out in my head but I've no skill to do it. *Gas-Semiblowback. you use a GBB mech so that you can have a light trigger pull, and a short cycle distance and no weight on the piston so that there is no felt recoil..... because there is no point in felt recoil.
  4. Quick, shine the ED-SKaR signal!
  5. Ack, turning the gun over to load it.... hurts my eyes.... And it seams just as reliable as any other shell ejecting shotgun. STILL. very nice work you've done there, getting so far wit it.
  6. Pictures covey a thousand words: Or in this case, just two: NEW BIKE
  7. So you've invented an M3 then! If anyone was wondering what that spring loaded thing on the front of the M3s90s grip was, its the pump lock that changes the gun from semi auto to pump action. One of the very few guns you can actually "switch to auto"
  8. Better than the camera on my phone. Though I miss the camera on my last phone, it was very good quality
  9. Its the M4 super 90, it comes with the rail from the factory.
  10. ED-SKaR


    Cybergun is a plague that must be destroyed. But that product description is special on a whole new level.
  11. My new nickname is now Lehman!
  12. It looks kinda like the benelli nova stock... on a seriously pimped out shotgun.
  13. The "dust cover" is part of the frame, as is the "trigger guard" and "Magwell"
  14. It is the front most part of the frame, shaped around the recoil spring and its only purpose is to prevent dust/dirt/muck/WhiteHawksan getting into the recoil spring assembly (and therefore, into the slide)
  15. {~Grr, mixed up edit and quote buttons.~}
  16. Metal frame? I want to do this with a plastic frame, but there is just not much material to work with on the dustcover. PS, needs moar video!
  17. Me Gusta! What was your method of attaching the grip?
  18. I've a video coming to explain that, I just need an hour or so of free time to edit the recordings into a coherant video.
  19. They were refered to as "Baby Machine Guns" back in the 30s I could do the work for you.... for the right price.... I suffer from both laziness and being poor so I rarely get stuff done for myself ><
  20. Oh, Hi Trixie. Oh, you arrived at last. Anyone wants any info about the gun other than the full auto mod, the gun is his ^.
  21. Are you kidding? It was terrible! at the end of the semi auto test i did some kind of wierd wave thing to just check the chamber :s. on the full auto my first mag change was slow because i had the mag stuck in a 5.56 mag pouch so not my fault, then I took the second mag out before it was empty, checked it and remagged *facepalm*. 3rd mag went in at the wrong angle, then when it was dry I should have done a TRBcheck rather than taking the mag out and inspecting the chamber. Then the last mag didn't go in right so I had to lovetap it (just before the video cuts). I'm secretly ashamed of
  22. What do you mean? It's a pretty much bone stock TM 1911, plastic slide, it has very little recoil.
  23. I think I'll just leave this here:
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