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  1. The lockup problem isnt too bad although its gets worse as the battery charge diminishes. Im using 9.6v nimh's. The trigger response is ok but i would like it a little better. I think im going to send it back to LWA next week with a note about the problems etc.
  2. Great thankyou very much. And that simple step has stopped the locking problems in semi? Has it had any effect on trigger response at all? From someone who only opened a gearbox recently you sure learn quick!
  3. That is a bit of a worry to be honest. Wish you were here to do that for me! What have you actually changed though, sounds like youve just repositioned the motor in the grip... Thanks for the info and interestingly trigger response was something that worried me to. Are the magpul grips a fair bit larger?
  4. Yeh i did get it from Land Warrior but it sounds like its a common problem with the sentry so how could they fix it? I think you are right though. Got a game on sunday so will try and sent it back on monday and see what happens. Be interested to know what you find.
  5. what do you mean "in semi modus"? Semi auto? I dont think ive had that problem but then dont really know what you mean so might not even know if i did. The problem of locking on semi is seriously annoying me to the extent that i may get an ab mosfet fitted to solve it.
  6. how in the name of hell does one get the flashider off?! No matter what i do it wont seem to budge and i have a lovely stubby silencer that needs to go on!
  7. Just shot the gun. All i can say is wow. Running a 9.6v the ROF is literally stupid. Amazingly all my mags are keeping up. Second thing is that the hop up unit although stiff is extremely good. I am getting awesome accuracy and even better range. I shot some rounds into my field at a tree marked at 70 yards away(using a range finder). The bb's were pretty easily reaching that distance yet naturally accuracy was pretty useless at this range. I also have the locking problem and its annoying but only really happens if your trigger discipline is poor. All in all this is without a doubt the nicest
  8. I havent actually opened mine yet as im still at uni for a couple more days and the gun is at home! But others have experienced it and was just wondering if anyone on here was. If mine gets it i think i will use the warranty.
  9. Anyone else experiencing problems with locking on semi? On another forum the guys with these seem to be having this problem even on a 9.6v....
  10. The magpul one just has G&P's interpretaiton of the magpul lower so you get a different body, trades trigger guard etc. I personally thought it was worth it and i bought the magpul in black.
  11. Can i just get something straight, does this come with a mount?
  12. Lordsex your gun room looks like an airsoft shop just selling highly upgraded weapons!
  13. sigseals


    heavri you are talking rubbish mate. The m14 is epic. What front do you have on it?
  14. I though about doing the receiver but didnt want to lose the markings. May il have another look. Do you think i should paint aimpoint too?
  15. Upgraded marui sig 552, 350 fps, 20 rps, tb barrel.
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