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  1. dusseldorf101


    bruce springsteen called he said can i have my mullet back..
  2. dusseldorf101


    john was never a fan of the bang rule to begin with....
  3. some say al gores methods to save the planet are crude and barbaric, other think they just plain awesome!!
  4. dusseldorf101

    Big Guy.jpg

    In the bible david may have defeated goliath but in russia the story ended slightly different....
  5. dumbledores disguise was fooling no one
  6. dusseldorf101

    Chin Grab.jpg

    dude i dunno about you but i am tripping balls right now..
  7. dusseldorf101


    Dont worry guys im we're from the internet
  8. needs tightbore barrels!!

  9. some gns i might have toyed with
  10. im a sniper and i was wondering if this would be a suitable side arm??
  11. I got the warrior version of the L96 but it sounds like a pretty similar version. After i zeroed it in i was getting groupings of about 2 inches at about 50m but that took a good day of zeroing but was without any mods. This is by far the best rifle out on the field!! The accuracy far out weighs the rate of fire of aegs, and whilst the cocking action is fairly awkward at times it is somehow satisfying. I Love it!! Would recommend it to EVERYONE who considers a sniping weapon!!!
  12. Dude thats SO sweet!!! Is there anywhere in the UK that sells it for less than £300??
  13. i was looking to buy a shotgun as a side arm as i am a sniper annd was wondering if you would suggest the UTG M3 over the benneli M4??
  14. I have a Warrior L96 that i got from AW. Zeroed it the day after i got it and was shooting 2inch groupings at 50m. For a chinese replica it pretty much kicks *albatross*!! Plus at £150 its a fricken steal. So if like me you love the L96 but cba to spend ridiculous amunts of money in the maruzen version then i would DEFINATELY recommend the warrior version. However it is fraut with manufacturing flaws, such as the empty magazine indicator is fitted incorrectly and the weapon cocked indicator (pin that sticks out the bolt) the rod is too small, but other than these minor flaws it
  15. is this a shell layer or outer layer piece of clothing??
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