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  1. dusseldorf101


    bruce springsteen called he said can i have my mullet back..
  2. dusseldorf101


    john was never a fan of the bang rule to begin with....
  3. dusseldorf101

    The American way of stopping traffic...

    some say al gores methods to save the planet are crude and barbaric, other think they just plain awesome!!
  4. dusseldorf101

    Big Guy.jpg

    In the bible david may have defeated goliath but in russia the story ended slightly different....
  5. dusseldorf101

    paul w crazy hat.jpg

    dumbledores disguise was fooling no one
  6. dusseldorf101

    Chin Grab.jpg

    dude i dunno about you but i am tripping balls right now..
  7. dusseldorf101


    Dont worry guys im we're from the internet
  8. needs tightbore barrels!!


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