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  1. To be honest, I haven't really looked into alternative medium-type motors for my PDW because really happy with the stock one. I guess Systema Magnum motors aren't bad or you could go the cheaper way by opting for a Matrix motor. Both exist in Medium length... Good luck!
  2. Short answer is: "The VFC PDW uses medium type motors"... If you want to use a long type motor, you'll have to change the pistol grip.
  3. I'll be looking into that, cheers. I must say the spring of VFC's mag-catch is also pretty weak which doesn't help.
  4. Hey there Coprs, I'm actually having a few issues with these mags and my VFC KAC PDW. The mags definitely fit in the magwell (with a fair amount of wobble actually) but they can easily be ripped out without using the mag-catch... To be honest, I'm a little ###### off since I was really looking forward to a viable alternative to the flimsy VFC mags. You wouldn't have any tips by any chance as you've mentionned that they fit and feed nicely in this specific gun? Cheers
  5. The paint does scratch in case of strong friction or nasty knocks but otherwise it's very robust and so far hasn't seemed to show any signs of premature wear... Got my PDW a little wet quite a few times and never worried about drying it down and I haven't noticed the slightest bit of rust externally or internally. No breakage so far. However, I had some issues with the stock flash-hider, the bolt catch and the rear QD sling attachement. Only the latter is really bugging me. All the rest was easily solved. Stock is still rock solid and the design doesn't allow there to be any
  6. Hey folks! Would anyone have by any chance solved the magazine compatibility issue with the VFC KAC PDW? I'm desperately looking for some real-cap or low-cap M4 type magazines to use with this baby but can't seem to come across anything too convincing. Another bummer is the fact that the original VFC 120rd mags are really fragile and can't be opened up for cleaning purposes... Cheers! oDn
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