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  1. Cheers I am leaning backwards, but that's just to support the weight - it's a little heavy to fire from a standing position. No idea.
  2. I honestly hadn't noticed anything going slowly until there was that sql error a few hours ago.
  3. Not your usual team pic, but I like it. There's fond memories attached to this one
  4. I like having it folded back when not in use
  5. TM PSG-1 with King Arms bipod Whaddya think?
  6. Oh shoosh I was doing Capoeira for a couple of weeks to try and build up my arm and leg muscles as well as my stamina and agility, but now I have stupid work commitments
  7. There's a few things I still need to find out about it though - most importantly being how heavy it is. There's no point in getting it if it's too heavy, regardless of how incredibly sexy it is. Also, since it's not an AEG I need to see how easy it is to cock the spring. Damn my weak arms
  8. To some people it does. Hell, I didn't make the rules, I just know they're there
  9. I don't know where they're written exactly, but there was a little bit of trouble with off-topic posting in the team forums which is kinda seen as using spam to boost your post count.
  10. As I undertsand it, team forums are used for such things as arranging trips to skirmishes and discussing loadouts etc. - the rules for team forums are that anything that's not specifically related to team discussion should be put in off topic. Maybe I'm just missing the point of chatting about "girly stuff" on an airsoft forum.
  11. How's about you dump her if you don't want to be with her? Or you bring her down to the pub with you? Or tell her that she's annoying you and actually try discussing your problems instead of ranting about it on an airsoft forum?
  12. Thought so. Ah, the morons of the internet, such amusement they make
  13. Are you yelling at who I think you're yelling at?
  14. I need shoes too. My life will not be complete until the number of pairs I own is in triple figures.
  15. I remember once having M&S brand rice crispie treats. They were rather nice.
  16. Not entirely sure, I need to see what times I'm available this summer to actually go anywhere (damn all summer jobs!) but hopefully I'll be able to make a trip to the capital all on my lonesome
  17. Do you need to borrow a safety pin?
  18. Thankyou, now I know I'm not the only one who thinks that. Stupid, pointless key that it is. If I want to get rid of some text and type where it used to be, I'd use DELETE.
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