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  1. I used silicone oil on my bolt and its working just fine. I also put in a concave hop nub, and though it doesn't overhop, it still shoots somewhat high, with .20's, .25's, and .30's. I lined up my sights properly by using washers between the screw and the rear sight, but wish I didn't have to do that since the screw is a little visible in the rear sight. Does anyone know of any affordable scoped carry handles that can handle the recoil?
  2. I found that my mag seems to leak from the fill valve, though very little. One thing I do love about the WE g36 is how you can keep refilling the same mag and running it out of ammo and how it doesn't seem to cool down. Then again, I live in California and its starting to feel like summer, so maybe some of that should be taken with a little salt. I also stumbled on what I hope to be a feature. If you pull the cocking handle back, 90 degrees with the bolt, you can push it in towards the bolt to lock it there.
  3. Thanks, sorry for overlooking that.
  4. Does anyone have a guide on how to open up the hop up chamber on this? I got it down to the hop up chamber, but the little grub screw in it doesn't seem to want to come loose, and I overlooking anything?
  5. Just got my G36K - RAS and have a few things to say and a few things to ask. First I have to say that the build and recoil are fantastic... But a bunch a disappointments and questions. I slapped on an Ares/Star dual optic on it and the recoil managed to shake the reticle lens askew. I put it back and took it off and have to wonder if this only happened to me or if that's common. I tried sighting it in today (with the stock irons) and got the side to side adjustment just fine, but no matter what I do it seems to fire way above my iron sights, anyone know why that is? I've only fired it
  6. On WE's G36K? Got pics? Is that with the actual WE G39K or the RA Tech K conversion?
  7. I'm... rather shocked and somewhat sad as I'll be picking one up? Would you recommend the RAS over the normal in that case since I want the bottom rail for my AFG? Which brings me to the realization that the RAS they have on the G36K also seems to be wrong as the vent holes are oval where as pictures I keep finding tell me they should have circle vent holes.
  8. Hey, got a quick question about the WE G39K if you guys don't mind. It seems that the one with the standard hand guard doesn't have a sling mount or places to mount rails, am I right in thinking this, or are the pictures I've been seeing on retailer sites unfair?
  9. Hey, sorry for not responding earlier but... I do play at ord, maybe I'll see you this weekend, planning to sign up as a Russian walk on, sadly didn't register in time, all the slots filled too quickly.

  10. If I remember correctly, the Tavor has a stock 6.03 inner barrel, but feel free to correct me if I'm wrong.
  11. Paracord, with the proper knot it makes a dandy sling adapter for holes too small for certain slings. And you should be able to pick some up from your local army surplus for pretty cheap.
  12. On O-Rings, has anyone but a bigger O-Ring on their piston? I feel that I could probably improve the air seal and consistency if I use a little thicker O-Ring.
  13. Thanks for your input, I just ordered a 4x scope from Kalinka and I'll start tuning up my SVD soon. Oh, I also have the gun now.
  14. Sorry to derail this topic a bit from the CO2 conversion, but it looks like I may just have one of these things in my hands soon and would like to know a few opinions on the following. Scope? I'm thinking of getting a 6x POSP, is that good for 500 FPS with .2g, or should I go with a 4x scope? BB weight. I'll be getting the newer type that fires at about 480-500 FPS, and if it doesn't, I'll make sure it does. That being said, would .28g BBs be heavy enough for it, or should I think again about the weight of BB to invest in?
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