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  1. rossism

    FN Picture Thread

    yes the foregrip can be removed but i dont think theres a rail underneath. I doubt that an EGLM would fit but ive never held one so i cant be 100% sure.
  2. rossism

    FN Picture Thread

    It was got from a friend who was sent extemely few of them by G&G. Ill get a few more pictures up later on but no i havnt opened it up yet. Plan on running it stock fo a while ( except for barrel and hop up)
  3. rossism

    FN Picture Thread

    I havnt had a chance to really test it yet, but for the little time i got to use it I was impressed. Range and accuracy are quite good for a stock gun, it can be stripped fairly quickly aswell which is a nice feature. Not really much more to say until ive put a few thousand more rounds through it.
  4. rossism

    FN Picture Thread

    My new G&G G2010
  5. rossism

    Glock Picture Thread

    that stippling effect looks great

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