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  1. the hopup chamber feeds from the left.. you cant put the magwell to the right sorry.. well.. its not worst than using a bolt action rifle left handed i practiced a bit, left handed.. i think, a good way to change mags is to rotate the gun, mag up when empty, then you can grip it and release using your thumb.. its quite fast
  2. yesterday i glued the stock adaptor with metal araldite, now the stock is stiff ^^ doesnt wobble at all ! i will only use stick batteries, so it allowed me to solve all the weaknesses i had on mine. Cant wait to try it on the field
  3. it's chinese, so i cant guarantee it will last forever, but according to what i saw, it should work quite well it doesnt use a truck shock spring, and it's fairly well shimmed. for me it's a good gun
  4. with the rotating magwell, it may get quite annoying, especially when being shot at by a bunch of nazi ^^
  5. on our last Cobra operation event.. a brit paratrooper had one.. if i can find pics, i'll show you, but the has not said how he made it. Edit : he posted no info, i'll try to ask him if he can tell me how he made it.
  6. Do you use KA mags? where are they tight? magwell, or hopup side?
  7. I post here a translation of my review on France-Airsoft miscellaneous useless info : ordered on RSOV, delivered within a week without customs fees ( a first!). The packaging is well made. The gun is held in a formed foam piece covered with another foam cover, all in the cardboard package. Inside you'll find : The sten One MP40 mag Lipo charger LiPo balancer Lipo battery tools (hex keys and screwdriver) Real Steel : See wiki or world guns.. Description : Almost all gun is folded sheet steel and tube. only a few mechanical p
  8. a request from an allied player : dont re-tint the stock.. it's an easy spot from afar ^^ i faced that beast a lot of times, stock guns, and they shoot very hard. i have to walk 15 to 20 meters under fire to be at range with a 300 fps tommy. only mechanical issue i heard of was a worn out motor gear due to improper setting. casualties at the last WW2 event were motor failure on STG and sten and a broken marui M1A1 barrel. not too bad for 84 players. pretty reliable stuff, but has to be checked, even if playing in full power.
  9. all the marui guns i owned had their hopup and barrel slightly oiled.. i suggest a good cleaning one or two magazines are enough to dry a hopup, but it takes time on a bolt..
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