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  1. [k44] Obi Wahn you make some of the best dpm loadouts there is. Who ever take the photos is very good. well done.
  2. ^ very good but the person needs more moaning and screaming , a shot to the sholder would not instanly kill a man but they might go into shock. sorry if it is wrong but many medics keep telling me this will happen.
  3. Well this is my first time to post some pics on here so here it go's. This is my medic kit My xl gloves Nothing like free publisity I just need forms know and then my kit will be ready to be taken out on to the feild and I can do some reviews for anyone. matt ps- I do know how to use all of it, I will say this to anyone out there get some basic first aid as It could save people lives. learn more here http://www.sja.org.uk/sja/ pps - I dont carry this all the time I use my smaller one.
  4. Love the video. do you have a kit list?
  5. DO NOT BUY IT! It is against milltary law to buy this, so there person selling this will get a good telling off or worse and you will get a person knocking on your door kindly asking for it back.
  6. ^ That is very very nice loadout there. You just have to paint the mags and then you can never be seen .
  7. ^ I must say that is very nice plan and simple but looks GREAT.
  8. ^ Do you have anymore as, they are great!. Well done.
  9. SRC are making very nice g36's with v3 gearboxes and the new TM blowback g36c are good and they are very new and you would stand out from the normal g36. Umarex are using Tm as a base and then slapping on H&K logos on it G36.
  10. ^ Could we have a kit list please and were did you get the body armour from? All I can say is very nice would mistaken you as a real police any day.
  11. Or if you want fill the sandbags up with dirst or sand (well its in the name) and it could be a good sniper platform or a quick defence line.
  12. Darkchild - Nice kit and loving the dpm. Were is your sa80? thought you were pimping it out with the all the stuff you could get your hands on. matt p.s By the way you have a realy scary eyes (the death stare).
  13. You two, all I can say is that is very nice but wears you eye protection.
  14. ^ Holy *suitcase* that is just sex. panoptes you have really out done your self here, well done. o I HATE YOU
  15. very nice. plane and simple, I like it (well love it realy) well done on creating an brilliant gun.
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