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  1. It's been a while since I posted on this thread. Havent had any issues with my ACR post upgrade. One thing which was left out during the upgrade though was the cylinder head and airseal nozzle as there were no appropriate replacements a year ago. Can anyone give me any advice on what I could replace my ACR's proprietary stock cylinder head and airseal nozzle?
  2. Im thinking of purchasing this piece as a back-up sidearm. Only concern is the fact that it's a Chinese clone. Experience have taught me to be very cautious with Chinese made clones which are often times of poor manufacture.
  3. Decided to replace the G&P Aimpoint on a "Z" mount with a lighter optical device (a Micro Aimpoint).
  4. Cant wait to get my hands on these.
  5. Thanks Ycare. Spent an entire day field testing the rifle. Thoroughly satisfied with the upgrade. Again, many thanks to Tacitus for his help in sorting out my Masada and recommending parts for the upgrade. I now have the best sorted out Masada in my team.
  6. Just got my Masada from the upgrade shop. So far it seems to be performing well. I'm starting to wonder if the G&P aimpoint with "Z" type mount looks odd on it . Will be field testing my rifle over the weekend. Keeping my fingers crossed.
  7. I've been to Red Wolf HK and had purchased direct from their HK office (in Kawloon), so I assume the same is true in England (although I must admit, for a lawyer, I never bothered to check UK laws re: airsoft related purchases). I will probably be there the second week of January and will be staying at Chelsea Cloisters (as I do not want to impose on my sister's family) for two to three weeks, then it's off to Brussels. I am very curious about Wolf Armories though. I must apologize Tacitus, Im a creature of habit, and often reluctant to try out new things even when it comes to airsoft par
  8. I appreciate your gesture in correcting my mistaken notion regarding micro switches and their mechanical nature. Perhaps, I should learn to be more trustful of local gunsmithing skills. However, I neglected to ask what type of cut-off lever the Magpul ACR has? I ask, because a team mate's ACR now refuses to engage single/semi firing. As for the Siegetek gears, I've seen a set or two and was quite curious about them. SHS gears on the otherhand, I've had some horrific experiences with them, where they completely failed in the heat of battle. Local airsofters wouldn't touch them with a ten f
  9. Re: the Tavor, my team mates and I made the mistake of upgrading our units without checking the specs for its micro switch. After a few games using an 11.1v 1450 mAh 15C li-poly battery coupled to a Classic Army Extreme motor, my rifle gave out. Had my air smith replace the switch with a higher capacity one. Unfortunately, it took two months to finally iron out all issues. As of today, I am still locked in a debate with my new air smith (actually the only one with upgrading experience with the Magpul Masada so far), with me insisting on a Mosfet, and the air smith claiming that he can rect
  10. I appraciate the review. I suspected that the micro switch might present a problem during upgrading, having encountered a similar problem with my Ares CTAR-21 Tavor. My ACR is due for upgrading this week and I will be insisting on a MOSFET to avoid prematurely frying the micro switch. However, could you tell me what cylinder head type my ACR has? Is it a version 2 or 3 cylinder head? Also, in an attempt to prevent gearbox stress fractures from forming due to the weak points presented by the twin hex screws located in the mag well, I have decided to install a PDI 190 spring coupled with a syste
  11. After having my Magpul PTS ACR/Masada for quite a while now, I was seriously considering purchasing the Magpul Masada folding stock and sling mount, reading through the many posts on this thread, I'm suddenly not so sure anymore.
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