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  1. FN F2000 and FN 5-7
  2. GHK Sig 551 Tactical
  3. Just purchased a ViperTech HK 416D gas blowback. Was surprised to discover that my unit has no HK markings. Just want to ask if Umarex put a stop to ViperTech HK markings or did the latter produce blank HK 416 receivers?
  4. I just purchased a VFC Robinson XCR. The manual states that the XCR uses a medium type motor. However, the pistol grip's dimensions doesnt look large enough (the grip motor well seems too narrow) to take a regular medium type motor. Am I mistaken?
  5. After reading the review, I finally purchased a VFC M4ES 105R. Im very glad I got this rifle.
  6. Well, I already have five G&P Rifles (FN M16A4/M-14 DMR/Defender/Sentry VLTOR/Magpul PTS MOE M4 CQB) and three Classic Army ones (SLR105A1/MP5SD6/AUG A1). I guess I was just curious how SRC products perform when I made that mistaken purchase. To my horror, the SRC Gen 2 V3 gearbox was poorly reinforced; Tappet plate, selector plate and cylinder head were all made of brittle plastic; piston body, gears, spring and hop packing were all a joke (in other words, complete rubbish). As far as Im concerned, I will never again even contemplate purchasing an SRC.
  7. A Taiwanese proprietor of a local airsoft shop is trying his best to sweet talk me into buying an SRC Gen 3 M4 or AK, instead of the more expensive Vega Force M4. He swears by the SRC Gen 3's improved performance. I on the otherhand remain skeptical. I had the unfortunate experience of having once purchased a Gen 2 SRC XR-8-2 (HK XM-8) which proved to be nothing but junk externally and more so internally, Since then I have not bought an SRC. However, I must admit that I almost gave in recently, thanks to all your posts, Im staying clear of SRC. Thank you for saving me from another miserable pu
  8. It's been a while since I posted on this thread. Havent had any issues with my ACR post upgrade. One thing which was left out during the upgrade though was the cylinder head and airseal nozzle as there were no appropriate replacements a year ago. Can anyone give me any advice on what I could replace my ACR's proprietary stock cylinder head and airseal nozzle?
  9. Im thinking of purchasing this piece as a back-up sidearm. Only concern is the fact that it's a Chinese clone. Experience have taught me to be very cautious with Chinese made clones which are often times of poor manufacture.
  10. My recently upgraded Sentry VLTOR (Im a purist and prefer less accessories),
  11. Decided to replace the G&P Aimpoint on a "Z" mount with a lighter optical device (a Micro Aimpoint).
  12. Cant wait to get my hands on these.
  13. Thanks Ycare. Spent an entire day field testing the rifle. Thoroughly satisfied with the upgrade. Again, many thanks to Tacitus for his help in sorting out my Masada and recommending parts for the upgrade. I now have the best sorted out Masada in my team.
  14. Just got my Masada from the upgrade shop. So far it seems to be performing well. I'm starting to wonder if the G&P aimpoint with "Z" type mount looks odd on it . Will be field testing my rifle over the weekend. Keeping my fingers crossed.
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