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  1. Loving the vortex anyway mate keep it on there. I think using the Rainer is over the top IMO.
  2. Made it myself Used a SA80 UGL, ARES i think, as a base, though I'd recomend a AG36 as its a better base in terms of less parts (I think) needing to be lopped off). I'll PM you my build thread on another forum.
  3. L119A1 SFW with L117A1 UGL. Pretty much finished, just need to get a correct body when I can afford it Apoligies for the shoddy photos, couldnt find my memory stick!
  4. My Diemaco WIP project, need a few more bits to arrive and its finished.
  5. Great pics ego! Bummed that I couldnt be there
  6. One step closer to a TM EBB :D

  7. One step closer to a TM EBB :D

  8. Loool Zeroins been attacked by a virus hahaha!

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. TB-Stalker


      Lol ^ what he said.

    3. FireKnife


      Wonder who explained IT to the ape that runs it, it is called a cache not cash, but that is predictable on that site :P

    4. StarMonkee


      Oh man I just saw that and giggled. I mean if he's asking them to check it he clearly looked at the button labeled cache but if he had to ask some one I think its best if they take him out back and put the old fella down. Best to end his suffering

  9. China, hurry up and make a ACOG TA648!!!!!

    1. Pradal-Serey
    2. richieffff


      I second you seconding that :D

  10. G3 Ras picked up for £60...bargain

  11. Some absolute muppet bidding on ebay at the moment, y u drive price up?!

    1. Bando


      so you dont get it and they do?

    2. huntER_HuntED


      not really sadly, I mean its still 2 days left and hes driven the price up himself by £15 with no competition!!

  12. Although the galil's not a personal favourite of mine, I think that looks great mate! Good job and a very intresting project!
  13. Personally I think an SPR style mount would look wicked, finish it off nicely I think!
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