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  1. fabio

    New Tokyo Marui USPc

    Reviving an old thread here sorry! My USP has started failing to lock back, pulling the slide back with an empty magazine in locks back, the slide catch etc look intact, any one else have issues like this?
  2. fabio

    Marui M870 Fix and Tuning Thread

    No this happens with the stock one, im asking if the reinforced ones would fix this issue?
  3. fabio

    Marui M870 Fix and Tuning Thread

    Having an issue with my breacher, when set to 6 shots, the pump jams and puts itself back to 3 shot mode, on 3 shot mode it jams also but not 100% of the time like 6 shot mode. It seems that it jams by trying to load to many bb's. Would this be a replacement nozzle job?
  4. fabio

    Glock Picture Thread

    Lovely collection Mightyjebus just missing a G34!
  5. fabio

    Tokyo Marui Glock 34

    Cheers curlyboy only just got on to reply, that's where I found them
  6. fabio

    Tokyo Marui Glock 34

    After doing a search I have found they are already in the UK, happy me!
  7. fabio

    Tokyo Marui M&P9

    Awesome idea, the plug coming loose in a skirmish is always on my mind, will have to do this later.
  8. fabio

    Tokyo Marui Glock 34

    Lovely review, I know these are out on the asia market, don't suppose any one knows when to expect these in UK/Europe?
  9. fabio

    1911 Picture Thread

    That is lovely, sorry to hear about the bad news
  10. fabio

    Tokyo Marui M&P9

    Ahh that's a shame, think I can live with the holes for now
  11. fabio

    Silenced Guns Picture Thread

    Go with a can for looks before changing the barrel length, cause you might change your mind about the can... Like I would
  12. fabio

    What music are you currently listening to?

    Found my love again for a band called Chelsea grin
  13. fabio

    Tokyo Marui M&P9

    This might of been covered months ago but can't seem to find an answer. Does anybody make a plug for the hole in which the safety used to be? Removing my safety soon and wondering if plugs have been made.
  14. Great review! Liking the look of these, cheers for the info
  15. fabio

    1911 Picture Thread

    Thanks for the help, shame I can't find them in stock anywhere.

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