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  1. It's a Vortex Razor HD Gen II-E 1-6x24 scope. The one in my picture is a Gen II and not the linked Gen II-E version; which is looks and functions the same save for the weight being reduced with the Gen II-E.
  2. Don't mind me, I'm just showing off my big black KAC.
  3. All outbound airmail from Hong Kong are suspended (except for EMS Speedpost I believe).
  4. Can confirm the same issue with my NOVA G17L NOVA kit. I sent my barrel to Darklite to lathe the internal diameter of the outer barrel from the chamber-end and I was able to fit a Desert Eagle length inner barrel afterwards. Originally, the DE barrel will prevent the outer barrel from tilting enough to allow clearance for the slide to cycle.
  5. The real barrels aren't the heavy profile ones anyway if you wanna justify your purchase
  6. It's a DYTAC / OMG SOCOM RC1 suppressor. I have the RC2 on the CAG 416; but it's not the proper suppressor; just a placeholder as I'm trying things out. The CAG guns should be using the old school FA556-212 suppressors. Airsoft Artisan made one recently but the weld marks on the supprssor looks ugly. I gave it to Darklite to see if he can do anything about it with sanding down the existing faux-weld and redoing it.
  7. FBI Regional SWAT CQBR URGI Carbine CAG 2019 HK416 (the one with the Aimpoint) CAG 2017 HK416 (the one with the EOTECH XPS) Devgru HK416
  8. The G17L slide and the magwell is NOVA.
  9. The TTI I posted above is a G17L :p
  10. So, the Polymer80 licensed frames have been released. I got one myself but don't have a fancy schmancy gucci slide for it right now, so for now the WE Model 17 slide shall have it's fun until I inevitably rip it off the frame and throw it back to the dusty parts bin where it belongs. Pics of the frame first: I've managed to drop in my WE internals without any issues, and I was told that the TM internals should fit without problems too. Umarex ones require some modifications but apparently drop-in UX frames are being manufactured right now and they'll be available soon (at a sl
  11. Mine is 266! I have a 4.25" rail on mine and I'm still trying to get the SVOBODA flash hider to fit their own AAC SDN6 762 suppressor so I can do a mini 300BLK build like the ones on the SLR gallery. Yours turned out awesome, I just haven't had time to get some of the stuff sorted so that I can finish my gun hahaha. You should've gotten the brass reflector Cerakoted gold too!
  12. I've never fired a real Glock before so I don't have a reference point to compare; but it looks and feels like what a real gun lower frame should be in my mind. It's a matte frame that looks like it is some sort of fibre nylon reinforced polymer. Oh yeah, real glock baseplates fit too. The mags I think have to have the inlet valve at the bottom because it's extruded aluminium with a threaded plug with the inlet valve in the rear. I suspect they're just changing the top and bottom part of the mag and reuse the middle part for the CO2 mags, hence why the inlet valve's at th
  13. The design isn't suited for RMR cuts because it's a circular cross section vs a moon shape. They'll have to revise the design for any MOS guns if they get the approval from UX to make them, but in any case their design should have the best blowback on any of the pistols available today. I did ask them about doing a G19; they said that they don't have plans yet (i.e. UX only gave them a licence to do the G17 Gen3. Honestly I felt like they should've went with the Gen5. But I suspect UX wanted this gun to serve dual markets; airsoft and LEO training. I just realised that
  14. I got the aluminium ones. I'm planning to game with these and they're not just for plinking. I think I linked the wrong mk27 mod 2 slide above haha. the slide w/ RMR is damn snappy (especially with the VFC Gen4 BBU). The upgraded recoil springs at 120% are very useful. The steel kit comes with 120% springs (the mod 2 version) but I don't think the steel slide would be as snappy.
  15. I was at the MOA show and I fondled the GHK Glock. I've got pics but it's the same stuff that's already available online so I won't bother uploading. Here's a couple of points to take away: - Magazine is light. It can take 22kg gas and the design is similar to the prowin one. Mag body is likely made by extrusion and not casting hence the weight. - The slide is basically a bolt carrier group. The nozzle's not as big as a GBBR but it's bigger than anything else available on pistols - disassembly "just like a real glock" as in no need to pull slide all the way back before
  16. They're both Bomber slides: https://shop.jkarmy.com/bomber-cnc-full-steel-ver-model-19-mos-slide-kit-for-umarex-vfc-g19-gen3-gbb-series-limited-socom-mk27-mod-2.html https://shop.jkarmy.com/bomber-cnc-aluminum-model-19-mos-slide-kit-for-umarex-vfc-g19-gen4-gbb-series-limited-socom-mk27-mod-2.html
  17. Yes, both glocks are Umarex/VFC Glocks.
  18. Mk27 Mod 1 Mk27 Mod 2 Gonna swap the light out with a X300U-B once I get it in January. Shame I couldn't find pics of the Mk27 Mod 2 with a red dot and light. Probably gonna keep it in stock G19 MOOS configuration for now. Would be nice to see an in the wild pic with a mk27 mod 2 fully decked out: AAC TiRant 9s suppressor, RMR, X300V, G17 mag with extended magazine base.....one can dream.
  19. Thanks! The gun is assembled based on the specs for the mk27 mod 2, hence I'm not keen on putting an extended slide stop on it as the issued guns don't have the extension. Bomber made a mk27 mod 1 kit too for the VFC Gen3 Glocks, I'll be getting that as well and move the RMR to that gun instead; putting the cover plate back on the mod 2. I've yet to see mod 2s with optics on them but there's plenty with the mod 1s.....might as well save some money by going 100% clone correct for both pistols hahaha. I'll write a mini-review of the bomber kit here since I don't want to start a n
  20. GROUP PIC Tier 1 pewpews The new Airsoft Artisan DD HK416 rail's out, can finally finish my Devgru gun: I'm gonna swap the HK416 grip back onto the gun (the Magpul one's a placeholder for now). The barrel nut for the DD rail's proprietary so you'll have to purchase it (I got mine from JK Army) with either GBBR spec or AEG/EBB spec. It's proprietary because the inner cross section of the rail is the same throughout the length of the rail, but that's not the case with the real one since the inner diameter shrinks to fit the HK416 barrel nut.
  21. CAG BLASTER KAC BLASTER DOG SHOOTER (WIP)* Feeling cute, might delete later (WIP)** * FBI Regional SWAT Build (TM MWS Based) Missing ODG CTR Stock, FDE PEQ, and a WML. Waiting for a friend of mine to ship me a High Ready Tool Thenar as well. Surprisingly the mk4 rail feels pretty good, better than the URGI Mk16.... **SLR Rifleworks 300BLK Build (DYTAC AEG Based) Need to file part of the receiver trigger hole away to install the Krytac Licensed CMC Trigger, and need to get one of the
  22. http://boomarms.com/shop/item.cfm?id=PRIME-SL-TMG17L&curr_code=USD This what you are looking for?
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