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  1. Shooter you were running a metal bolt correct?
  2. AATV Reviewed these also and said the lenses were blurry and non-conventional for shooting. Why dont you try some arena flakjaks for half the price
  3. ^^ CREDIT TO PANTERA TIGRIS HERE http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4ozJs1tLMow&feature=player_embedded
  4. http://www.kwausa.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=2211 Enjoy!
  5. Why dont you Just get a Cheap ACM one and Mess Around with it to Attempt to Make it fit or use it for Parts, there like 30 USD
  6. Well for a Jap you need the ReadyFighter Nozzle. It requires no modification, unlike the TW and KWA
  7. ^ I experience A Lot of Hooking with .28's Every 2 Out of 5 Shots Now, which is weird since everytime prior was like a Frozen Rope!
  8. I carry My MP7 as a Woodland Primary with a Eotech 553 EDGi Barrel and 6 Mags, 3 On Each Panel on a Drop Leg Molle. The Gun Is Light and The Mags arent That Bad. But I say Back Up
  9. Update Fired My Gun in 45 Degree Weather, Gun Fired All BB's But didn't Lock back Bolt. Too Weak of BB. Further in to the Game only would fire 10 BB's on Full and Then I would need to Re Cock the Gun. The Mags had a 7 Second Burst of Propane and My Gun only Fired 375 Today. 30 Degrees Dropped my FPS DRASTICALLY:o
  10. Mine is the Taiwan Version the Original Version RA Tech Featured Last Year. I was Achieving this at about 80 Feet or So. Which is damn Surprising considering the Weight of the BB! The Farthest BB from Center to Be Exact was 2 3/4. I was Using a Fidarigon BB Chronoer from TMC and the Ami-bent Temp was from 65-70 Far. Using Straight Propane No Silicone, THIS is JUST FOR TESTING. Dont Rage me for Not Using it. It keeps the Consistency each shot equal. Also I must add Barrel is 220 6.00 and Has been Cleaned with Rubbing Alcohol and No Silicone so I dont have to Break in the Barrel. I must add toda
  11. Greg, My Taiwan with 220 6.00 Barrel Hits Around the 440's with .28's. My Accuracy is within 2 Inches of the Center Every time. I am Using a SANDED Tip of the RF Nozzle. Upgraded Recoil and Rocket Valve Spring and SD valve Yes Look back in the Pages 34 On I know Panthera Posted up a Picture of the KSC Breakdown Guide included in the Manual ALSO On SIDE NOTE ReadyFighter Adapter Does NOT fit with the EDGI Barrel the Inner Diameter of the 14mm is to Small. TO Correct this. Take a 1/2 Washer Slip on the RF Adapter then the Washer and Hit the WASHER with the Hammer one Strok
  12. ^ Duckling Sounds Like he Knows what hes talking about.
  13. My G&G .28's Are on the Way, I am currently Running .25s and The Range is a little Bit Better, Depending on the NPAS Setting, I have 2 Bolts, One is a SD Vavle one and One is a NPAS, with the SD Definitely Significantly better Range and Accuracy, Chrono....Mentioned Prior. Mine too, All My 6 Did. You gonna find a better price Mate? That I think Tops at the Lowest Price Available and Also use UPS Saver. 30 USD to Ship Yes, RANGE and ACCURACY DEPEND ON FPS, WIND-AGE and BB WEIGHT
  14. Greg. If you are Gonna Run a 300mm Dont Buy the Action Silencer In My Opinion, If you like the look of the Tracer, You can Buy a JG One for 30 and Use that as your Silencer,What I am Doing Now,
  15. With .25 G's and a SD Rocket Valve and My 220mm EDGI. With a Warm Mags (IE Under Arm Pit) No Water. I was near 500. Around 490-501
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