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  1. The Glocks are APS for sure, shotguns JG for sure, i think they may have swapped the OEM on the 1911's, took a brand new one apart a few weeks ago and it was EXACTLY the same as the new APS 1911's,down to the same *suitcasey* fit and finish, same dual clear nozzle as you see on their glocks too.
  2. How has the PPS been so far? i'm on the verge of getting one as an occasional cqb toy, worth the money?
  3. When they lost the KRISS licence, KWA promissed to keep making mags for the existing Vectors out there, it would make sense for them to remove the markings beyond that point. Just my 0.02, take it with the apropriate amount of salt.
  4. I gave GHK a pass on the whole G&G GBBR debacle, but seeing them shun their own product like that is like meeting your hero while he's taking a dump. Disenchanting...
  5. I see my dreams of a skirmishable GBBR SL-8 will have to wait... Too bad, GHK's latest oferings have been great, why go back to this?
  6. Hey garry! I have a compact one for a few months now, other than my grubby hand managing to break the pin on the hop chamber(the one that holds the ajustment wheel), everything has been peachy! Even with the broken pin she manages to hold just enough hop for 0.20's although i'm currently on the hunt for a replacement(might need to have one made, can't find this part anywhere). The recoil is super snappy, the accuracy is pretty good once the hop-up nub has been re-bent slightly and on the compact the normal mags stick out of the magwell just a bit to give it that extended mag look i love ab
  7. Thank you, that is just what i needed to know! I'm way too green to help you out with the chamber, but if you get desperate enough to have a new one made, shoot me a PM, i can hook you up with my CNC guy.
  8. Hi everyone, i'm in need of some advice... I saved up some cash and the time has come to take the plunge, i'm getting GHK AK. Due to Portugal's drakonian atitude towards airsoft, ordering from outside the EU is not an option and within those boudaries i can find 2 solid options, either an AK74 or an AK105 and to complicate things i can only find AKM mags! So my first question is this, will the AKM mags fit the AK74? and how about the AK105? Second question would be, is there a diference between them internaly? beyond personal preference should i get one over the other? Thank you for r
  9. Rono, if you are on the fence just do it, i got a whole bunch of spare parts as soon as i caught a whiff of that drama. Ended up never needing them, the gun has been bullet proof, you won't regret getting one.
  10. Do you know anyone with a star/ares gas L96? Well makes a clone as well(ha!), i remember the gas router on the magazine being slightly larger than the m700. But hey, i was totally wrong about the system, so take any guesses with a grain of salt.
  11. Checked the pictures, forget what i said about the m700, that is proprietary from top to bottom, really interesting system.
  12. Say... what would be a good European place to order this from? Because of Portugal's drakonian import laws, going outside Europe is really not an option on such an expensive item. Edit: By "this" i mean the rifle itself, sorry i didn't specify, long day...
  13. True, mine has been flawless, its more of a "meh, what the hell" purchase, i'm pretty happy with the stock range and accuracy.
  14. For 220£ that was a steal... I think the whole system is based off a KJW M700 (could be wrong), if so, you can get great hammer springs (KA or G&G) for cheap. Next time you open the bolt make sure to take it out and post a picture so i can compare it with the ones i have here. Great purchase, baby is gorgeous, I'm so jelly...
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