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  1. i just found the part number its BA-oo1 and i got it from here http://www.airsoftclub.gr/eshop/product_info.php?cPath=83_123_129&products_id=3205
  2. No, i just bought it as a new part. Try to find it, there are stores that have them
  3. ? personally put one from the bolt series but also required some dremelling, but it sits and works like a charm.
  4. the rust you see is not rust at all, but a combination of dark earth- brown-red of clay colors with weathering. It took a lot of time to complete, because i painted the whole gun and remove it, then some weathering with a scotch brite, then again painting and so on. Also the duct tape you see , i burned it with a lighter, to make it old and used...
  5. My little cotribution to this topic...
  6. i fixed my front pin the cheap way with a paper clip, u just need to file it a little bit and it will be more solid than stock
  7. i forced them in all the way but the gears needed also force to get in and they barely spinned, with the magic boc ones they spinned freely. I guess i got a lemon....
  8. ? strange thing happened yesteraday, as i was trying to put the lonex 5.9mm bushings with lonex gears for next gen, it was tight as hell, even with shims or not. When i put the magic box bushings, magic all moved freely as it would.Keep that in mind guys. Also the original cylinder head was loosing compression at the base of the metal rod? where the nozzle goes. Another one as i tried to unscrew the original piston head according to the eagle's videos i had to remove the little cap in order to have access to the screw. I did that for 3 different pistons....
  9. If your forward pin fails on your next gen you can make it back alive by using a paperclip bent and trim to fit to the little gap the pin has....
  10. Sorry about the off topic in your talk, but what can i use as a cheap but better alternative to eg1000, for eagle's 110 spring, prommy gears?
  11. @mrezzy why do you need wire for 30 amps? isnt this a little too much?
  12. @Hatset i ve heard from others that in most cases the cylinder is not full type, but in mine socom model its a full type cylinder. Anyone knows why and when they change their cylinder pattern or its just random and dont affect anything important.? @mrezzy very nice acquisition sir, but personally i think all those circuits are very expensive and for the price we payed for aour toys they should have included some short of mosfet/circuit.
  13. and 2 more of a same pattern with a personal ''traditional'' helmet sketch...
  14. Emerson helme, custom paintjob, weathering
  15. quick question, which SPR style pistol grip FITS to Marui M4? I just installed one and its suberb, but i cant remember the brand of it.
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