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  1. The gap would irk me. But thanks for the suggestion.
  2. Thanks, but if you check the comparison above, the actual cover is shorter, so the compatibility issue would remain.
  3. Thank you, yes i got it from what you said earlier, i just didnt understand if you meant the Asura "TWS" wouldnt fit, or the actual real TWS wouldnt fit. I think ill go with the Asura to avoid any headaches or fitting problems. Its a shame that the real stuff wont fit as the real TWS has that quick detatch system now. While we are on the subject of the real TWS though, do you have the peep sight from them also? I would assume that would fit on the Asura, but airsoft isnt always within spec when it comes to rails.
  4. I know but like i said, i thought the GBB externals would be by actual ak messurements and not AEG, but i guess they use the very same externals with just different holes etc put in them to hold GBB internals rather than a gearbox.
  5. You mean you own the real TWS? Not looking to perform surgery on my new AKM just to make real parts fit... I was just under the impression that LCT used real dimensions for the GHK guns, but it seems they use the AEG standards after all then.
  6. That is a good idea. thank you, ill look into it.
  7. Yeah, the Asura one is on my radar, i just wanted the real trades and didnt mind paying for it, had it just fit. as for the gas tube, it doesnt really wobble, it just allows for a bit of movement up and down. not the end of the world
  8. Well, facebook did show my message as having been read.
  9. So the TWS top cover will not really be an option?
  10. Yeah ive contacted him on facebook months ago but he never got back to me.
  11. Hey. I was gonna go look at the compatibility guide at the gasgunsinfo forum, but that site seems to have died out, no longer a valid url. So i am curious to know, what parts would fit from a real ak on the GHK AK's built on LCT externals? I am primarily looking at a Texas Weapon Systems AK railed top cover, but its a pretty pricey piece of kit if i cant make it fit without major modifications. I also would like to know if gas tubes are compatible? The akm i just got from samoon, 2019 manufacture, has a bit of play in the gas tube up and down, which id like to eliminate. I guess it could have some welding done to the bottom rear part to then file down and fit better, but i figured maybe a real part looks even nicer? Anyway, if anyone has some info on compatible parts (i know real steel ak's vary from manufacturer to manufacturer) that would be great to know. Thanks and regards.
  12. grimmah

    KWA Vector vs Krytac Vector dimensions?

    Laylax confirmed that rails will fit, but they had not tested the magazine release on the KWA so didnt want to confirm that. I guess we shall find out in a couple of months time.
  13. grimmah

    KWA Vector vs Krytac Vector dimensions?

    Appreciate your response. Yes, KWA is gen 1, Krytac is gen 2, but since these are airsoft replicas, i dont know if they both follow the real versions dimensions. So if anyone else can pitch in with a concrete response on if i can use krytac stuff on my kwa id appreciate that. Preferably someone who owns both?
  14. Hey. Looking to find out if dimensions between the KWA and Krytac versions are the same when it comes to rail mounting holes and magazine release button. I have the KWA version and am looking forward to some Laylax cosmetic upgrade items such as the rails and the magazine release extension. Would these fit my KWA Vector? regards, grimm

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