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  1. I've been doing some research on both ??? 9x39 russian guns (VSS, AS val and SR3/M) and CTO (????????????? ??????????? ??????), the original developers of the Airsoft VSS (they make al the same models as ??? with the addition of the VSK-94). ??? is slightly more expensive than CTO, but they seem to be better prepared to deal with foreign orders. Also, based on awkwardly translated Russian forums, ??? seems to have the upper hand in terms of overall quality and construction. I've been also making lots of comparisons between the Real steel version and what ??? is offering and I'd say they are
  2. There is somewhat of an Airsoft copy made in Russia by some exclusive custom workshop, the price wasn't bad at all for what I recal.
  3. Does anyone here knows if VFC receiver is compatible with LCT front-set? I want a steel barrel on a VFC Ak74 and that seems to be the best way to get there.
  4. Fact: Weight at the front is more wearing on the muscles than weight on the centre or the back of the gun. Not a matter of personal preference here. There are side-mounts for the ak that weight 150 grams, the real Ultimak gas tube 450 grams, so the weight added is roughly the same (with the already mentioned difference in the position and how it affects balance). A good side-mount let's you do a 1/3 co-witness too.
  5. Good parts from the Ar platform? Like what? Only the rear-sight closer to the shooter (more comfortable, yes and better sight radius, sort of irrelevant for airsoft and not meant to be in the Ak from it's very conception, I'd dare to say shorter sight radius is better for airsoft) and ambidextrous fire selector (the fire selector in the ak is awkward, but I always play on full auto anyway). Maybe the grip, but that's a personal preference. The stock? You can get NATO lenght side-folding stocks if you don't like the Warsaw pact length, a collapsible stock isn't THAT much of an improvement, you
  6. hwagan, ShinSeiki, stop being nice to each other already, this is the internet for god sake! This one would have been a better example http://t2.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcTupa9DYtDkY5bWSbpBioqzwZ7CjCAyhvejnJdx768KExyYh9PbgVC1BmJrUA Funny looking abomination
  7. I always laugh to tears with adadqgg (even the nickname is annoying) and the reactions his comments provoque. The vast majority of the forum ends up doing exactly what they accuse him of doing, let his comment be man, he is entitled to give his opinion about any subject as long as he's respectful. The tactical ak is a complicated matter. IMO it has to be done right to look good Here a good example The upper rail is unnecessary, but I believe that you can't buy those separately, so it's ok. Here is a bad example (in hands of a russian FSB) I really don't know what is wrong
  8. I was hoping for something more like RS/VFC quality, not an ok gun. I've seen the King arms version and Ok is the best way to describe it, it isn't bad at all (maybe the plastic parts), but it fails to impress and the materials used seem rather cheap.
  9. That's *fruitcage* hilarious! I love the fal (any version), just wish there was a really good quality version of it. How bad is the STAR/Ares version? I heard the externals were the best of all, but how bad is it internally?
  10. 50 miles? Just a monolithic rail on top and rail on lower hand-guard (there will be a railess version of that part). The rail on top is for the optics (they are moving away from side-rail system), the rail on the lower half of the hand-guard can be removed or used for a VFG or some illumination device and I'm not completely sure if that thing on the gas block is a rail and even if it is I really don't think It will be adding much on the overall weight of the gun, so it doesn't really matter. All this modifications have the goal of making a more adaptable gun so it can sell better on other ma
  11. My somewhat recently bought LCT Ak-105 came with a black polymer grip and it's quite flimsy, has a lot of side-to-side play. It gets better when properly adjusted, but it will loose up over time, most annoying. Besides that I don't have much to complain. I wanted to try with some other grip, what brand do you guys recommend?
  12. Once you install a side-rail on it. No Real Sword Type 56 comes with side-rail. You could get a Kobra for weaver, but that would be the same for any gun, even the other Ak variants. Not sure if you can put it in a SVD, that's the only Real Sword with side-rail.
  13. I just wish there was a decent version of the Fal, they all seem to fail at some (many?) aspects. Awesome camo Zmarre, I don't see that pattern very often, kind of an oddity. The whole picture looks very good too.
  14. Well, I have the same "issue" with my LCT. The hop slider moves around too easily. I've the bad custom of pulling the charging handle when I'm on patrol far from the action and the fake bolt slightly touching the slider was enough to move it. A sort of related question: Have anyone tried putting a Prowin hop-up unit in an LCT Ak? mine is a 104NV if that makes any difference.
  15. I usually enjoy watching your creations, but that's just wrong. I say we should ban you from ever owning an ak again. Just kidding, but that's really disturbing.
  16. Well, I finally joined the club. Here is my new love, Ak-104NV (I know, it should be 102/105) by LCT: My camera ran out of battery, I'll get better pictures by the weekend.
  17. Say, I was wondering what was the general consensus over single point slings on shortened carbine length Aks (102/4/5). Any brand to suggest, how well/wrong does it work, etc. And was also wanting to know how wrong would it be to putted a ribbed top cover on one of those aks, I mean realism-wise.
  18. Zombie00

    LCT AK74MN

    My envy is clearly over 9000.
  19. Well, I guess the ebairsoft version is made for Airsoft and that's why it worked. As far as I know, only Real Sword Aks are identical too the real steel part on the receiver's length matter, that sorely being the reason of their unique gearbox (regular V3 GB don't fit on real Ak).
  20. Dude, chill down. Either I failed to make myself understand or you took it the wrong way. I meant to say G&G is one of those companies that uses the 22mm thread instead of the 24 that any modern Russian Ak has.
  21. G&G combat machines are ak47, so they have the old 14mm thread like the AKM and all the old variations of the ak. From the 74 onwards the Russians started using a bigger thread (24mm). Some Airsoft companies copied that, other didn't and instead of the 24mm they went with 22mm CCW thread like you'd see on a Romanian Ak, G&G is one of those companies and their Ak 103 and 104 comes with said threads.
  22. This may prove relevant to some of the frequents of this thread: http://www.rsregulate.com/products.php So far they only have the 30mm mount available, but more versions are scheduled to come out soon. This might be a more than appealing alternative for mounting optics on aks without hindering balance (yes railed-handguard, I'm talking to you) and it even enables co-witness with the iron sights. Can't see anything wrong about it, the price isn't crazy, but it's a bit steep for an Airsofter like myself.
  23. Sorry, but that doesn't look so good; Don't get me wrong, seems very well crafted and all, but I rather have an almost-full-travel bolt like LCT than an almost-no-battery-space with full travel bolt. I suppose you could solve that with an AR stock and all. What I really do like about it is the muzzle-break, suit it well.
  24. I might be wrong, but weren't Real Sword aks meant to solve that difference thanks to their unique Gearbox?
  25. I wanted to share this with some other FAMAS enthusiast. http://www.petitiononline.co.uk/petition/develop-a-new-airsoft-version-of-the-famas-g2/3455 If we get a fair amount of votes we might be able to convince some manufacturer to make it happen, we need to spread the initiative!
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