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  1. Hello again, My first build part has arrived, my G&P C8A1 Receiver. It's got a really nice feel, and the trademark are much more clearly cut than the stock lower. I've snapped a few pictures of the entire AEG in it's current "disassembled" state, and of the D.I.S. and C8 receiver. The next thing that I plan to pick up will probably be the CAR-15 stock, followed by a KAC RIS, as then it'll start to look more like a diemaco. Unfortunately however, when I was trying to take the Delta ring off (which I managed with a pair of needle nose pliers, take that AR-15 armourer's tool!) I slightly
  2. Pic'll have to be tomorrow. Totally forgot until now. Fingers crossed with the NiMH, just got the word of a friend to go on. Failing that though, I'll try and get component shop to knock me up a "daisy chain" battery that I can manipulate into the RIS.
  3. Cheers mate. I managed to disconnect the fuse, but the fuse had been held in place with two gold "connectors" that were soldered on. They were too big to slip through the delta ring so I had to snip them. I briefly considered a GBBR SFW, but all the hassle with cold weather and such put me off. I'm going to forgo lipos as well, and stick an 8.4v 1100mah battery in the RIS, which I've been informed should fit. Will get a pic of the wiring up tomorrow as well.
  4. Well, I doubt anyone will read this, but I'd like to be able to track my progress, so here we go! Having just purchased one of the new G&P 8mm M4s a few weeks ago, I decided it was time to "speshul forcez" it up a bit. There's quite a bit that I plan to do to it, and I'm going to need to pick up some new magazines and batteries as well, so this won't be cheap... my intial estimates place the final cost at about £900-950. Ouch. Then again, thats what a project is for! I'm going to swap the stock 363mm barrel, hop and rubber for a Prometheus 407mm 6.03, a Madbull Ultimate hop-up and
  5. Excellent, was hoping that'd be the answer. I want mine to wear nice and quickly.
  6. Do you guys that spray straight on? Do you prime it or etch it first?
  7. Does anyone have any pics of weapons painted in a light olive colour, with different kinds of patterns on it? Cheers.
  8. Just to clarify, there is nothing wrong with the mag pouches. Several games of use - very solid. Went it with a bit of effort, but came out realy easily.
  9. http://uktactical.com/acatalog/copy_of_cop...-901_Delta.html Background I was always interested in picking up a 901 rig, after it was recommended to me by a number of ex-forces members at my local site, however, lacking the funds at the time, I was stuck with my awful SAAV. Upon recieving a substantial amount of money for my birthday, I had a look at Uktactical's website to see if they had any 901s in stock in OD. I didn't think my chances would be very high, as I'd heard that it was rare for them to ever have much Warrior OD stuff in, purely because it was so popular. However, a bit
  10. Boom, this is getting beyond a joke. You are not an insult to "UKSF threads everywhere". People were simply annoyed that you were trying to pass your impression off as a pathfinder when clearly, it is not.
  11. Would crazy knife kills be why you keep your colours low by any chance?
  12. What kind of pack is that on the back of your rig?
  13. Aiming with both eyes open? That's how you're meant to sight in isn't it? At least, that's how I was taught.
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