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  1. I am surprised its been a bit quiet on this front as most of the stuff ive read seem positive. I'm still very tempted by a Kurtz for my next GBBR though. B->
  2. It makes an ideal marshal weapon as it doesn't weigh a ton! B->
  3. Good ole FB - I joined up by searching for "GHK G5 GBB" and FB put the group to the top of the list. That said on more than one occasion FB has refused to find people I am friends with despite putting in their full name! B->
  4. Well my G5 happily flinged BB's in the chilly temperatures we had yesterday which were well below 10 degrees. No need for full auto but there was no problem with some brisk firing. Having gotten an early pre-reinforced release I was looking at the azimuth speed rubber but rather than pay shipping for a $1 item does anone have the dimensions so I can see if I can make one up? Cheers Nat B->
  5. The wifi on the home superhub does indeed have its tantrums although not as bad as the original non superhub that flatly refused to work when the cable went down and so my whole network packed up. Good old mr support technician said they weren't related but couldn't do anything until the cable was up and running again... I did restart the router the night before it all returned but no access on the night I rebooted. I cant remember if ive tried to access from a hard wired connection when ive had problems but ill endeavour to do that if it happens again. B->
  6. One thing that is different for me between work and home is that at work we have a good old fashioned 50MB cable modem connected to a Draytek router. At home I have a useless temperamental Superhub. We've allegedly been upgraded to 120MB at work but as the old modem isn't capable of that speed we've been told we'll need to swap it for a Superhub to get the full speed. B->
  7. Just got home and its woriing again! Ill keep an eye on it and monitor. Ive pm'd my current ip though in case it shows up in logs. B-)
  8. I didn't make it into the office yesterday so ill check the home IP tonight and get back to you. I know the home one still wasn't working last night. Both home and work are Virgin cable although different towns. B->
  9. I have a strange problem whereby my home Virginmedia connection pretty much always refuses to connect but my work one is fine. I've tried on a PC, Android Tablet and Android phone and they all just hang and wont load the page but in the office or using the mobile signal its fine. This has also been going on for the last few weeks. I'm assuming its a routing issue or its some form of blacklist on the IP address? I've cleared the browser cache on all of the devices which did fix a similar problem a few months ago when the server was up and down but has made no difference this time. B->
  10. Mornin All, Ive got a 4168 and the roller bearing on the top of the hammer has gone walkies. the pin is still there but no bearing. It was second hand and has been working fine and I believe its an RATech version so that would mean the RAT hammer. Firstly, Is there any way of confirming its a RAT hammer as I understand they sit higher than stock? I'd rather not have to buy an entire new hammer at £30 so was thinking of trying to get a replacement bearing. Secondly, would a stock bearing fit and/or does anyone have the dimensions so I can order a bearing from an engineering company. Che
  11. Any more follow up on testing? Also I had a discussion on another forum as to whether the hop rubber was s standard AEG or something special as the other guy reckoned it was some weird proprietary one in the ra-tech upgrade he had whereas Samoon insisted it was a standard AEG. So which version Maple Leaf did you get? Cheers Nat B->
  12. What about putting in the 1j bolt from samoon aswell? B->
  13. That sounds very interesting, I reckon there could be a market for that. B->
  14. Mornin All, I was giving the G5 a bit of a clean this weekend and spotted a bit at the back of the lower receiver that has me confused. Id noticed before that after pushing out the pin the upper took a bit of effort to pull up and yesterday I spotted a metal spring clip that I cant see on the exploded diagram and also can t see on any pics i've seen of the internals. I think it was originally sitting vertically but wherever it goes it either gets pushed down or pulled up (and eventually off) when I lift the upper off so ive currently put it horizontal on the top which also stops t
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